From Pink To Rainbow, These Were The Best 2020 Celeb Hair Colors


2020 proved that, without a doubt, people talk through their hair. Sometime in the early half of the year, it seemed as if you couldn't tap through Instagram without seeing at least one celeb sporting a brand-new hair color, and that number's on the low end. Since then, the best celeb hair colors of 2020 have often felt like a way for musicians, actors, and models to express themselves, whether it be as simple as returning to a natural hair color or as fresh and different as Hilary Duff's denim-blue hair.

So, if you've been looking for a reason to switch up your own hair color, then let your favorite celebs be your guide. There's never been a better excuse to indulge in new highlights or break out the fantasy-hued box dye than as a way to kiss 2020 goodbye, honestly. And there is a surplus of technicolor inspiration below, one of the top hair trends of the year after a summer dominated by rainbow hair. (Remember when it felt like every celebrity was putting their own spin on pink hair colors? Yup, that was this year.)

Below, the seven celebrity hair color moments everyone will remember from 2020.

The Best 2020 Celebrity Hair Color Moments: Beyoncé's Caramel Ombré

After giving blonde another whirl at the very beginning of 2020, Beyoncé landed on this deeper caramel with dark roots. It's a must-try if you haven't found your footing between blonde and brunette — plus, any rooted tone is so much easier to maintain.

The Best 2020 Celebrity Hair Color Moments: Hilary Duff's Blue Hair

The word iconic is used so often, that sometimes it's hard to truly spot a groundbreaking moment in beauty. Hilary Duff dying her hair blue — quite literally out of the blue — was one such instance for 2020, though.

The Best 2020 Celebrity Hair Color Moments: Dua Lipa's Return To Brunette

After inspiring blonde-and-black hair combos earlier this year, Dua Lipa's return to a black-brunette all-over shade was a big move. So far, the musician has stuck with the color for a few months, too.

The Best 2020 Celebrity Hair Color Moments: Chrissy Teigen's Blonde Highlights

A simple change can be a big one, like Chrissy Teigen's new highlights, which helped lighten up the star's overall hair color.

The Best 2020 Celebrity Hair Color Moments: Halsey's Rainbow Hair

Meanwhile, Halsey's early December foray into rainbow has made sure that music fans have no shortage of adventurous inspiration.

The Best 2020 Celebrity Hair Color Moments: Lizzo's Red Hair

"Y’all can’t handle red Lizzo," the musician captioned her red-hair Instagram debut, and she wasn't wrong. Red hair was major this year, sported by Taraji P. Henson, Bella Hadid, and Megan Thee Stallion, just to name a few.

The Best 2020 Celebrity Hair Color Moments: Kaia Gerber's Pink Hair

Rather than go with an all-over pink, Kaia Gerber opted for a rose ombré that finally convinced beauty fans everywhere to pick up their own box of temporary hair dye.