4 Beauty Products That I'll Never Buy Again... For Now, At Least

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I wouldn't necessarily call myself a brand loyalist these days — it's impossible to be one as a beauty editor whose literal job description includes trying everything on the market. But I am a creature of habit. I know what I like, know what works for me, and don't want to mess with the technique. However, trends are always evolving — especially with the onset of a new backstage beauty season and plenty of red carpet appearances to glean from —and my tastes are changing, too. I'm not one to get rid of beauty products completely (though I do adhere to expiration dates), but there are quite a few standbys from decades past that I'm giving a rest. For now, at least.

Beauty Products To Get Rid Of In 2020: Powder Blushes

I have a love/hate relationship with powders... with a strong emphasis on hate. It's just my preference — please don't attack! — but I prefer easy, malleable textures that really adhere to my skin and don't require so much brushwork. You can't apply powder with your fingertips, unless you're going for that whole paint-outside-of-the-lines effect. I love gel and cream cheek products because I can build up the pigment as much as I like, and don't need to be too exacting with my application to do so. I still use Glossier Cloud Paint on a daily basis (OK, so maybe I am a bit of a brand loyalist... ), but I also look forward to adding a product like MAC Glow Play Blush into my rotation once it hits shelves Feb. 6. It boasts a texture comparable to mochi, meaning that there's plenty of slip.

Beauty Products To Get Rid Of In 2020: Huge Multi-Pan Palettes

I'm not a huge eye makeup person to begin with, since I wear glasses (I consider them my cheat code). But on the occasions that I do want to add a little emphasis to my eyes, I don't want to fuss around with 20 different shade options. I like that brands are coming out with more careful curations of colors — like the Fenty Beauty by Rihanna Snap Shadows. This also speaks to the single-shade eyeshadow looks that are currently dominating my newsfeed.

Beauty Products To Get Rid Of In 2020: "Dirty" Fragrances

Don't get me wrong — I'm not parting with my Tom Fords or Byredos anytime soon, thank you very much. But the latest clean fragrances on the market (meaning ones made with organic and natural ingredients, and no artificial fillers) have profiles that are just as special as my go-to brands.

Beauty Products To Get Rid Of In 2020: Matte Primers

Glass skin is still very much in. Lately, I've been seeing plenty of primers and sheer foundations on the market that make skin look like, well, skin. My complexion veers oily, so it's refreshing to be able to let my skin breathe instead of smothering it with product to make it look dull.

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