Do Crystals Actually Work To Clear Your Home Of Bad Vibes?

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Home is where the heart is, and that means you probably welcome positive vibes only. Still, negativity can have a way of creeping in: Maybe a coworker put you in a foul mood, a rocky relationship has you in a funk, or financial troubles are keeping you up at night. When people or circumstances start weighing you down, the bad energy is almost palpable and, worse yet, it seems to attract even more negativity. Sometimes, it feels like you need to cleanse the proverbial gunk out of your life, and one of the easiest and natural avenues to take can be purifying minerals. But do environment-cleansing home goods like crystals actually work or is it all in your head?

Now this could be a controversial topic, considering the popularity of crystals, which are used in everything from beauty tools to home decor these days. And while the shiny rocks are touted for their healing powers, skeptics still wonder: Is it a fad, some New Age belief, or is there some real science behind it?

Ahead, you'll hear from three wellness gurus to get their take on the energy-promoting minerals. A logically minded psychiatrist, entrepreneurial yogi, and an expert who actually owns a crystal business all have a different perspective on the effectiveness of stones in the home (and life). While opinions may vary, most can agree: Whether or not you believe in crystal energy, these polished pieces make for some pretty glam decor — and that in itself may put you in a better mood.

Monika Wisniewska/Shutterstock

The Psychiatrist

Holistic psychiatrist Alice W. Lee, MD, ABIHM, ABoIM, undoubtedly has a scientific point of view when it comes to crystals. And regarding claims of their healing powers, she says that quantum physics backs the notion up. "As a clinician who works with crystals, I have my own theory of what crystals are," she explains. "Basically, you start with the principle that everything carries information — everything is energy. I think the reason why [crystals] can be very helpful is that our bodies have their own flowing crystals inside." When aligned with the minerals in our blood — basically, the same stuff that makes up crystals — Dr. Lee says she wouldn't be surprised if the polished stones ignite some kind of ionic charge that promotes strength and healing.

To clients who are doubtful of this therapy method, Dr. Lee has them do a simple experiment. "I demonstrate to the patient that they are actually physically stronger [when holding a crystal]," she says. "If you were to muscle test the arm, it actually becomes super strong because the energy and frequencies [of the crystal] enhance the patient's strength." She adds that the minerals seem to be most effective when they're in close proximity to the patient.

While Dr. Lee has no proof that crystals in the home will "clear the air" of sorts, she mentions, "If you were to think of the light or energy omitted by a candle, it just kind of radiates forever into space, so I wonder about the frequencies of anything." She adds that she's not sure whether they're curative, but in same cases, they seem to be a catalyst for healing. "You don’t really need crystals, they just enhance your energy," she says. "The right crystals can help your energy be physiologically stronger, but it's also important to have those crystals or minerals inside your body — in the form of nutrients."

The Yogi

Having practiced yoga for 12 years, five of which she taught, Holly Martzial, wellness entrepreneur and founder of Mindwell Marketing, is no stranger to the earth-body connection. "Our first chakra is Muladhara, the root chakra, its element is Earth," she explains. "This energy center represents our foundation. When we are feeling disconnected or unstable, it is recommended that we spend time in nature to replenish our root chakra." Martzial says that she incorporates organic elements into her home in order to connect with the energy every day. "Crystals have an earthly quality about them, so do plants. My home is filled with crystals, rocks I have collected from beach walks, house plants — all with the intention of staying close to nature."

After giving birth to her son, she says, her husband gifted her some crystal quartz earrings, thought to promote healing. She mentions that part of her recovery might be attributed to the earrings' energy — which she wears every day — but adds that she doesn't think that crystals are necessarily a cure-all. "I do not believe that crystals can solve all our problems," she says. "But they can certainly add beauty and joy to our lives, which in turn, creates positive energy. More positive energy is never a bad thing."

The Crystal Expert

Of course, Sydney Holland, co-founder of the crystal company The Urban + The Mystic, is a true believer in the positivity of certain stones. "They’re like these gorgeous ninjas that sit back looking beautiful on the outside, but emanate powerful and healing vibes of protection, joy, connection and so on," she says. But as the daughter of two doctors, Holland didn't always know about the alternative medicine technique. She learned about crystals through her struggle with infertility, and she swears that their properties helped her conceive her three kids.

Unsurprisingly, in her line of work, she does come across naysayers. Regarding skeptics, she says, "whether you believe in the healing power the crystals have or not, they will do their job nonetheless." But whether a buyer's intention is energetic or purely aesthetic, Holland hopes her company helps clarify confusion, making crystal-buying accessible to anyone. "Part of the intention behind The Urban + The Mystic is to de-mystify this whole [crystal] world, and break things down in a super simple way; you can enjoy yourself with your new beauties and also reap all of the benefits that they have to offer you," she explains. "Start small, buy something you just love, and let everything grow from there. "

Crystals 101

When it comes to incorporating crystals into your space, Holland says to remember location, location, location. "For most crystal lovers, me included, it’s all about placing a particular crystal somewhere that is in line with its healing power," she says.

But the most important rule is simple: Choose which minerals you're most attracted to. "I love to remind my clients that you [instinctively] know what you need," she says. "Just follow your gut, and I promise you will be drawn to buy a crystal whose energy is connected to something you’re trying to call into your life. It happens every single time. The more you trust your gut instinct the more fun you’ll have in the crystal world."

Ready to redecorate? Below are some of Holland's favorite ways to bring adornment and positive vibes in every area of her home.

All over the home: "Amethyst is heavily strewn throughout my home for positivity, connection to a higher power, and intuition."

In front of doorways: "Black tourmaline is great at the front door, back door, entrance to a business or sacred space, because it’s all about protection. That’s why placing it before people enter a room or home is incredibly helpful."

For the bedroom: "Rose quartz is in my bedroom and throughout my backyard for a loving energy."

For quiet spaces: "Selenite is an incredible crystal for a first-time buyer because you get a big bang for your buck and it has many purposes. I love to keep mine in the bedroom as it’s wonderful for sleep and I also use it in my meditation area."

For the office: "Pyrite’s energy is too bold for a bedroom, but place it in your workspace and you’ll be off to the races in no time! I’ve [also] got orange calcite and pyrite for creativity and willpower and some citrine for prosperity."

For your self-care spots: "Himalayan quartz is all about the divine feminine energy, the feeling of peace and uninterrupted bliss. Placing this in a place where you take care of yourself, a dressing room, bathroom, or on a vanity is wonderful. I also love it in a family room as it invites the most incredible feeling of love and warmth."