Why The Baker & The Beauty's Nathalie Kelley Deleted Facetune For Good

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In playing high-profile model Noa Hamilton on ABC's The Baker And The Beauty, Nathalie Kelley's on-camera looks are often heavy on the glam. However, on her down time, the Peruvian-Australian actor is quite the opposite in that she likes to keep things natural — very natural. In fact, the Peruvian-Australian actor says she wears a total of one makeup product when not in front of a camera ... but this hasn't always been the case.

"The way I define beauty has definitely evolved as I've grown up," says 35-year-old Kelley in an interview with The Zoe Report. "When I was younger, in my teens and in my twenties, beauty to me was Victoria's Secret [models], and all the girls I saw in magazines. They were like aspirational from an aesthetic point of view, and that was beauty."

Kelley explains that trying to fit herself into this concept left her feeling like she "wasn't enough." She found herself on a constant quest to change and shift according to what she thought would make her feel like she'd reached this aspirational standard of beauty. "It felt like being on an endless hamster wheel and that actual beauty was an unattainable thing," says the actor. "I was spending so much money on products and clothes to try to emulate but it just didn't feel embodied or real to me until I hit my 30s."

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While it took some time to get off said hamster wheel, Kelley said she eventually came to an understanding, "When I started to notice myself age at around 30, and by age I mean my face naturally changed. Elasticity changed. I started noticing little lines. My first instinct was, I have to fix this. I'm not going to be OK, and I won't be loved."

What came next were a few years of what Kelley describes as "operating out of fear" and opting for "quick fixes" to keep her confidence up. And while she has no issue with cosmetic procedures, the actor says she realized she was looking at herself as fundamentally flawed. "I needed to fix a lot of my self-talk and really welcome and embrace the changes," she explains. "And now I feel more beautiful than ever. My internal dialogue is so much more caring and loving."

And it's not just the dialogue that's changed. Kelley's beauty regimen has taken a sharp turn into holistic territory in the past couple years, as as her perspective. "For me, beauty is health, beauty is how my internal organs are functioning," explains the TV star. "I do kundalini and qigong in the morning because I want a healthy lymphatic system and immune system, a liver that's working and detoxing properly. I want good hormones. I realize all the things I want externally come from taking care of yourself internally."

This concept hit home even more in stepping into her latest role on The Baker And The Beauty, says Kelley. "Now, playing 'The Beauty' Noa Hamilton, I realize I have been given this platform and have a responsibility to really embody beauty and really meditate on what that is and what it isn't," she explains. "I've kind of eliminated filters from my life and I won't Facetune my face anymore. Not, that I did it a lot, but I liked to fix [the area] under my eyes. But, now, I realize, beauty is honesty, integrity and authenticity. And, I don't want to be portraying a filtered, enhanced, perfect beauty."

So what exactly does this look like in real life? Ahead, Kelley outlines the head-to-toe beauty techniques and products she incorporates daily to shine from the inside out.

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Nathalie Kelley's Beauty Picks: Body

"I try every day to do an Abhyanga, which is an Ayurvedic hot oil massage across my whole body after dry brushing," explains Kelley. "And then maybe I'll draw myself a bath."

Nathalie Kelley's Beauty Picks: Skin Care

"I wake up every morning and I do gua sha and facial cupping," says Kelley. "These are all natural beauty methods and I love them because anyone can do them! You don't have to go buy an expensive mask or cosmetic procedure. This is accessible for anybody and will make you shine and radiate from within."

"I love Living Libations," says Kelley. "I love what founder Nadine Artemis does. She has an amazing book called Renegade Beauty about the importance of what you put on your skin. I use a product of hers called Ensorcell Serum with my gua sha tool. "

"I like to do masks that really hydrate my skin," says Kelley. "Shiva Rose has these really rich, creamy masks."

"All Marie Veronique's products are amazing," says Kelley. "She makes this Vitamin C serum which I use on my sun spots."

Nathalie Kelley's Beauty Picks: Makeup

"I've been experimenting with this brand, Kjaer Weis," says Kelley. "They apparently do refills of their makeup so you don't have to keep throwing the packaging away. And I think that's going to be the beauty of the future."

"When I'm not working, I just wear my Living Libations Beauty Balm and I put that on my lips and on my cheeks," says Kelley. "I try not to wear anything on my days off to make up for all the clogging [that occurs when I'm on camera]."