The Night Creams You Need For Your 30s, According To A Celeb Facialist


You've got it together. Great style, great friends, the list goes on. And your 30s is the time to seriously have your skin-care routine together, too. This is the time when cell turnover slows down and all the daily damage from the sun, pollution, and late nights will start to show more. To repair that, you'll need one of the best night creams for your 30s.

While morning routines should be focused on protection (sunscreen is a must even in the winter), nights are all about repairing skin from your full days of running around. That means antioxidants, according to Joanna Vargas, the celebrity facialist behind Mandy Moore, Elisabeth Moss, and Constance Wu's glows. "Antioxidants help cell regeneration and protect against cell mutation," she explains. Slower cell regeneration is why people often see more pigmentation, dullness, and texture at this age. Standout antioxidants for her? Argan oil and retinol are two of Vargas's favorites for those in their 30s.

Beyond antioxidants, you'll want a night cream that hydrates deeply as that skin can often become drier in your 30s than in the 20s. And another ingredient Vargas recommends are peptides, fragments of proteins that help firm and smooth skin.

When applying a night cream, be sure to hit the neck and décolletage, too. Since the skin there is thinner, it's extra sensitive to the elements. You don't have to spend a lot for results. Below, the best night creams for your 30s on Amazon:


The Best Overall Night Cream For Your 30s

"I would use a retinol formula," recommends celebrity facialist Joanna Vargas for 30-something skin, "It will help synthesize collagen and reduce lines over time." This formula includes retinol as well as vitamin C, another powerful antioxidant clinically proven to up collagen production as well as pigmentation and dullness, two common complaints of those in their 30s. With pump packaging and a great price, it's a good choice for most people.

Fans say: "I've been using it for a little over two weeks now. I'm a 30-year-old female who has struggled with acne since adolescence. Doctor recommended I start a retinol-based moisturizer. After applying a small amount once daily (before bed), I have seen a significant reduction in acne, scars/dark spots from past acne, and an increase in rosy complexion. Honestly, I'm shocked that I have a glow for the first time in my life."


A Celeb-Approved Cream For All Skin Types

Joanna Vargas Skin Care is a line beloved by actors, and the brand's gentle cream works for day and night with its nourishing mix of aloe, shea and cocoa butters, and avocado oil. However, the whipped formula keeps it for feeling heavy on the skin. It also contains next-level exfoliator galactoarabinan, which Vargas describes as, "great because it exfoliates like an acid but is also an anti-inflammatory."

Fans say: "I tend to have a lot of family who visit me from out of town and they always raid my beauty cabinet. We are all different skin types: My mother is dry, I am sensitive, my cousin is oily, my brother is T-zone. They can all use it without any irritation or side effects. Best moisturizer out there! It even smells lovely!"


An Organic, Cruelty-Free Argan Oil For All Skin Types

Argan oil is another ingredient Vargas recommends for any skin type, even oily. "[It's] fantastic because it's a concentrated antioxidant but can be used even on super oily skin," she says. "Argan oil is great for repair at night while we sleep." This USDA-certified organic, cruelty-free bottle made in the U.S. proves that simple is never a bad thing. If you already have a moisturizer you like, a drop of this can also be added in for a punch of potency.

Fans say: "I have been using it for over a month now, and I will definitely purchase again. I have normal to oily skin with some adult acne. Going into my 30s has become a struggle finding something that's okay for the oily skin... I have to say, I think this is it! It's light on my skin but nourishes and moisturizes just right without any breakouts."


An Antioxidant-Rich K-Beauty Favorite

Green tea is another great antioxidant and the star of this overnight sleeping mask. Formulated without parabens or mineral oil, it is a moisturizing last step to your nightly beauty routine that will pamper and refresh.

Fans say: "I have oily to normal skin that is also sensitive, and I love this night cream! It feels so luxurious and light. I have been using it for a year and I always feel good after I put it on. It has little white beads in side but they melt as soon as you rub them in."


The Best Night Cream For Hydration

With its trifecta of olive oil, glycerin, and squalene, this cream from DHC will plump, calm, and moisturize even the driest of skins. The formula includes vitamin E, a clinically proven antioxidant, so it's a great choice for promoting collagen production. Free of fragrance, dyes, or parabens, it's also a smart choice for sensitive skin types. However, those with very oily skin might find the emollient-rich formula a little too hydrating.

Fans say: "I have extremely sensitive skin so many products are either not moisturizing enough or they irritate my skin. This moisturizer makes my skin feel supple and soft, and I get no irritation or breakouts."

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