The 37 Best Things Trending On Amazon Under $35

by Julia O'Donnell

Shopping today means parsing a near-endless array of options; even the simplest of purchases can easily mushroom into a fraught decision-making process. That's why Amazon's customer reviews section is such a key resource. In a world where it’s hard to decipher what’s marketing jargon and what’s actually true, this type of unbiased feedback from real people is invaluable — which is why it’s worth paying attention to the items other shoppers are loving. The best things trending on Amazon aren’t limited to a particular category or purpose, but they do all have at least one thing in common: they’ve earned the coveted seal of approval from hundreds, if not thousands, of customers like yourself.

In order to make your shopping experience even more painless, you'll find a pre-curated selection of the most popular products trending on Amazon, ahead. The items on this list span all categories: beauty, fashion, tech, travel, home. But in addition to their viral popularity, these 38 products have one other thing in common: they all ring in at just $35 or less. (Plus, the majority are available on Amazon Prime, which means they can be delivered to your home in as little as two days.)

Curious? Keep reading to discover what all the buzz is about.


Bluetooth-Powered Earbuds That Come With Their Own Portable Charging Case

Despite their compact size, reviewers say these Bluetooth-powered earbuds boast some seriously impressive sound quality. Not only that, but they also come with their own portable charging case, so dead headphones will never force you to suffer through a silent commute again. In over 2,000 glowing five-star reviews, fans said the earbuds "pair quickly and reliably," and that they have "great battery life," and "excellent sound quality."


A Soothing Korean Moisturizer To Calm Red, Irritated Skin

The secret ingredient that makes this award-winning Korean skin-calming cream so effective? Guaiazulene, a powerful agent derived from chamomile, which is known for its remarkable ability to calm and soothe stressed, irritated. The formula also includes centella asiatica, another hydrating skin-soother that helps reduce redness and irritation. Suitable for daily use and safe for sensitive skin, this cream can be used as an everyday moisturizer or to soothe things like sunburn and razor bumps.


The Perfect Leather Belt That Goes With Everything

Made with premium-quality vegan leather and featuring a timeless design, this classic belt will lend an air of polished sophistication to just about any outfit. The simple, minimalist design pairs well with jeans, shorts, skirts, and even dresses, while the elegant gold hardware adds a subtle flash of glamour. Get it in a variety of colors, including caramel and dark brown.

  • Available sizes: XS-XL


A Pair Of Soft, Slinky Briefs From Rihanna's Lingerie Line

These simple, sophisticated briefs from Rihanna's Savage x Fenty lingerie line prove you don't have to sacrifice comfort to look (and feel) effortlessly sexy. Cut in a high-waisted silhouette reminiscent of Old Hollywood, they're made with a silky-soft blend of nylon and elastane, which gives them stretch, while a pretty scalloped trip and thick waistband round off the design. Choose from a gorgeous range of deep, vibrant hues — or just accept that you're going to need a pair in all 8 colors.

  • Available sizes: XS-XL


A Bamboo Dish-Drying Rack That Won't Be An Eyesore In Your Kitchen

This solid bamboo dish rack gracefully marries style and function. Not only does it make for a gorgeous alternative to traditional wire or plastic racks, which tend to be unsightly, but bamboo is a naturally antimicrobial material, meaning it won't collect bacteria or grow slimy and moldy over time. The collapsible, foldable design features 14 slots that can hold full size dinner plates, plus a lower shelf for glassware and other dishes. "Best craftsmanship I've ever seen in my life," one reviewer reported.


These Collagen Gel Masks To Soothe & De-Puff Tired Eyes

Infused with marine collagen, green tea, and vitamin E, these gel-like eye masks are an easy and effective way to soothe tired, puffy eyes. Other key ingredients include vitamin C and seaweed to help brighten the skin under your eyes, and oat peptides for firming and smoothing benefits. The masks come in a pack of 60 gels, or 30 pairs. Store them in the fridge for an even more refreshing sensation.


A Luxurious Leather Jewelry Organizer To Bring With You When You're Traveling

Next time you're traveling, keep your earrings, bracelets, necklaces, and rings neat and accessible with this compact, foldable jewelry organizer. Made of soft, buttery leather and suede, it has a hook, hole, pocket, or compartment to hold just about any type of jewelry. When folded up, it looks like a chic clutch. Get it in black or light grey.


A Bento-Style Food Container That'll Make You Want To Pack Your Own Lunch

With this bento-style lunch container, packing healthy foods for lunch is quick and convenient — which means you're that much more likely to actually do it. Made of durable, BPA-free, dishwasher-safe plastic, the container features a generously-sized bowl in the bottom for salads, stir fries, and other main dishes. Above that, a removable tray features four compartments for sides, including a 3-ounce dressing container with a leak-proof lid. The airtight, locking lid keeps everything fresh and sealed, and it even features a handy clip to attach the included reusable fork.


An All-Natural Deodorant That's Made With Only One Ingredient — & Actually Works

This aluminum-free deodorant is made of 100 percent mineral salt, a surprisingly effective natural alternative to traditional deodorants and antiperspirants. Since the formula is made up of only one natural ingredient, it's an especially great choice for those with allergies or sensitive skin. "What's not to like?" one reviewer wrote. "No chemicals, no white messy residue, and effectiveness!"


A Luxuriously Soft Robe At A Great Price

Whether you're going about your morning beauty routine or unwinding after a long soak in the tub, you'll feel cozy and pampered in this soft knit robe. Made of silky-smooth rayon with a healthy dose of stretch, it comes in five gorgeous colors: light pink, mint green, dusty olive (pictured), heather grey, or navy.

  • Available sizes: L-XL


An Elegant Wine Bottle Chiller To Save You The Hassle Of Using Ice

It works to chill wine in a bucket of ever-melting ice, but that requires a lot of ice cubes — and that's not to mention the potential for messy accidents. This chic bottle chiller streamlines the process considerably; it chills a full bottle of wine quickly and effectively, with literally zero preparation or clean-up required. Made of BPA-free acrylic, the double-walled insulated chiller keeps wine (or any other beverage) cold for up to three hours.


A Four-Pack Of Velvety-Soft Makeup Sponges

These best-selling makeup sponges are made of teeny-tiny microfibers smaller than a strand of silk, resulting in the smoothest, velvetiest surface possible. The fan-favorite "Lavender Lemonade" set includes two lavender and two yellow sponges to seamlessly apply liquid and cream makeup. The lemon sponge is specially designed for flawless makeup application in warmer weather, while the ultra-soft lavender sponge creates a gorgeous airbrushed effect.


This All-Natural, Biodegradable Detergent That's Great For Cleaning Delicate Items

Garnering over 850 glowing five-star reviews, this best-selling laundry detergent is completely biodegradable. Its all-natural formula is free of toxic chemicals, harsh dyes, or fragrances, making it an excellent choice for those with allergies or sensitive skin, and a safe option to clean delicate items like lingerie. "It really has saved my expensive bras!" one reviewer reported. "I cannot say enough good about the gentleness yet thoroughness of this detergent," wrote another.


A Soothing Throat Spray That Uses The Power Of Bees To Boost Your Immune System

This soothing throat spray is made with bee propolis, a powerful natural ingredient that's been used for centuries to provide immune support and combat sore throats and other ailments. The all-natural formula includes just three premium ingredients: high-grade Canadian bee propolis extract, GMO-free vegetable glycerin, and purified water. "It has a great flavor and I love the little boost of energy it gives," one reviewer commented.


A Stainless Steel Bra Hanger To Save Space In Your Dresser

This nifty bra hanger is an excellent way to free up drawer space by hanging your bras, camis, slips, and more. Made of sturdy stainless steel, the hanger has space for eight bras, with a rack down the center to hang belts, scarves, or and matching panties.


A Slip-Proof Yoga Mat Made Of Environmentally-Friendly Materials

Reviewers can't stop raving about this slip-proof yoga mat, noting that it's high-quality, "has a perfect amount of padding," and "doesn't slide around at all." People especially love the carrying strap, which makes the mat easy to transport when it's rolled up. It's made with an eco-friendly, biodegradable TPE material, with a non-slip texture to prevent it from sliding around on hard floors. Choose from seven colors.


A Glass Tumbler & Tea Infuser To Help You Stay Hydrated On The Go

If you're struggling to drink enough fluids, you may need to mix up your hydration routine. This sleek tea tumbler makes it easy to keep things interesting; not only is it a quick and simple way to make tea, but it comes with a stainless steel infuser that allows you to infuse water with herbs, fruit, or vegetables. The 13-ounce tumbler is made of durable, double-walled glass that's completely leak-proof and sweat-proof, and it even comes with its own neoprene sleeve.


These Zit-Zapping Stickers That Heal Pimples Faster

You'll be glad to have these discreet blemish dots on hand next time you want a blemish to disappear. Formulated by Icelandic beauty brand Skyn, the sticker-style dots are packed with powerful zit-zapping ingredients, including salicylic acid and tea tree oil. The dots are packaged in a box of four sheets, with each sheet containing 12 dots.


A Pair Of Classic Hoop Earrings That Are Perfect For Everyday Wear

Simple and sophisticated, these gold hoop earrings are a timeless staple no jewelry collection is complete without. The classic, minimalist design looks great with literally everything, and the understated size feels appropriate for just about any occasion. They're plated in real 14-karat yellow gold, and are hypoallergenic and nickel-free. "I have the most sensitive ears and these don’t bother them at all," one reviewer reported.


The Microdermabrasion Tool That Reviewers Can't Stop Raving About

Delivering professional-levels results in the comfort of your home, this dermaroller is a must for skin care lovers. It uses tiny micro needles to create microscopic breaks in the skin's surface, which encourages your skin to produce new collagen and elastin to heal itself. Sounds a little scary, but dermarolling, or microneedling, is a super popular practice, and over 1,300 satisfied reviewers swear by this tool to fade hyperpigmentation and rejuvenate their skin.


A Pair Of Genius, "Build Your Own" Yoga Pants

Soft and stretchy, these moisture-wicking yoga pants are perfect for taking you from the gym to brunch and everywhere else in between. But what sets these leggings apart from most others it that the brand allows you to build your own ideal pair by choosing your preferred size and waist style (cross waist, high waist, or medium waist). "You absolutely cannot beat these for the price," one reviewer reported. "Quality as good or better than expensive brands."

  • Available sizes: XS-3X


An All-Natural Body Oil For Soothed, Silky-Soft Skin

From the holistic Germany company that brought us the celebrity-approved moisturizer, "Skin Food", this nourishing body oil is on track to become just as much of a cult-favorite. Using powerful natural ingredients like arnica, wild rose, and sweet almond oil, the all-natural formula helps regenerate, soften, and smooth skin, while also preventing moisture loss and soothing sore muscles. The body oil, which can also be used for massages and in the bath, has over 1,500 glowing five-star reviews, earning an overall rating of 4.5 stars.


Compression Packing Cubes To Increase Your Suitcase Space

Whether you're planning a vacation or you're constantly living out of a suitcase, this set of four compression packing cubes is essential for all travelers. The compression technology saves up to 60 percent more space in your suitcase, allowing you to pack more without bringing an extra bag. Plus, packing cubes help you stay organized as you're unpacking and re-packing, keeping various clothing items neat and separated so they're easily accessible throughout your trip.


A Hydrating Lip Mask To Fight Dryness & Flaking

Apply this matcha-infused lip mask before bed, and you'll wake up with a pout that's firm, full, and hydrated. The formula is made with collagen peptides to soften, smooth, and nourish the sensitive skin on your lips, ensuring they're flake-free and perfectly prepped for lipstick application. "Literally healed my lips during the night," one reviewer gushed. "Amazing matcha power!"


A Multi-Purpose Styling Tool That Has Hundreds Of Glowing Five-Star Reviews

This best-selling styling wand effortlessly straightens hair, but it does more than just that. It doubles as a curling wand, thanks to its slightly rounded design that makes it easy create bendy waves and curls. Even in a saturated market, the tool has managed to attract plenty of buzz — it has nearly 1,000 glowingly positive reviews, earning an overall rating of 4.3-stars.


These Silky Satin Scrunchies To Help Reduce Breakage

These silky satin scrunchies look pretty, but that's not the only reason to love them. Silky materials, like satin, are much gentler on your strands than a regular hair elastic, meaning they're much less likely to cause breakage, frizz, or split ends, and won't leave a dent in your hair after you take it down. These scrunchies are available in four different color options, including a vibrant multicolor variety pack.


A Lighter-weight Alternative To Thick, Heavy Eye Creams

Formulated by skin care experts from both the U.S. and Korea, this clinically-backed eye serum utilizes plant stem cell nanotechnology to regenerate cell growth around the eye area, resulting in brighter, tighter skin. Key ingredients include Panax ginseng, biotin, olive oil extract, and hyaluronic acid, which work together to plump and firm skin while supplying it with the essential vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants it needs to stay healthy.


This Cube-Shaped Power Strip You'll Want To Buy For Every Room Of The House

If your home has limited electrical outlets, this cubic wall adapter is an easy and efficient way to get the most out of them. Just plug it into any single outlet, and that outlet will instantly transform into a compact, discreet power station with four surge-protected electrical outlets and three USB-capable charging ports. Unlike other power strips, the cube-shaped design means you can use all the outlets at the same time — a huge plus for gadgets with large plugs, such as hair dryers.


The Perfect Casual Tank Top To Workout, Run Errands, & Lounge In

Simple and sporty, this racerback tank is sure to be a favorite at the gym, around the house, and beyond. It's made with a soft, smooth blend of pima cotton, modal, and spandex, resulting in a stretchy, airy feel that's breathable and easy to move in. It's also great for everyday layering under jackets, sweaters, and blazers. Get it in eight colors.

  • Available sizes: XS-3X


A User-Friendly Curing Lamp So You Can Do Your Own Gel Manicures & Pedicures At Home

Save money you'd have otherwise spent on a trip to the salon by using this curing lamp to do your own gel manicures (and pedicures) in the comfort of your home. The lamp effectively cures just about any type of gel polish — just know it won't work with regular nail polish. The device has an automatic sensor that activates when you place your hand under the light, and can be set to stay on for either 60, 90, or 120 seconds before automatically shutting off.


A Spacious, Sturdy Backpack With A Built-In USB Port

It's easy to see why Amazon reviewers love this top-rated backpack — the designers literally though of everything. Made of premium waterproof nylon, the lightweight bag has space for your laptop and other essentials, with plenty of pockets to keep things organized. A handy strap is designed to attach to the handle of a rolling suitcase for when you're traveling, and the bag even has a built-in USB port to connect to your portable charger.


A Growth-Boosting Serum To Give You Fuller Brows & Lashes

Use this growth-boosting serum to make the most of your natural brows and lashes. Formulated with powerful natural ingredients like castor oil, ginseng, and green tea extract, it's designed to condition and strengthen each strand starting at the root, resulting in healthier, fuller-looking lashes. "I can’t believe how much progress my brows have shown throughout this past month of use," one satisfied reviewer wrote.


A Pair Of Polarized Sunglasses With A Surprisingly Affordable Price Tag

Reviewers say it's hard to believe the price tag on these vintage-inspired sunglasses — not only are they stylish, sturdy, and made to last, but they're also polarized. They're the perfect pair of shades for everyday wear, since their UV400 lenses block 100 percent of the sun's harmful rays, and their simple, classic design works with just about any outfit. They even come with their own microfiber carrying pouch and cleaning cloth!


An Updated Version Of Your Favorite '90s Hair Tool

The crimped, waved, teased, and textured hairstyles of the '90s are definitely back, and this triple-barrel curling iron makes it easy to nail the looks for yourself. Three teflon-coated, 1-inch ceramic barrels create natural-looking, beach-y waves for an effect that's more relaxed than a traditional crimp, but still every bit as fun. "This creates great waves and texture!" one reviewer gushed. "The adjustable heat is nice, as is the long cord."


An Organic Facial Serum That's Packed With Powerful Antioxidants

Dry, thirsty skin will love soaking up this nutrient-packed facial serum. Its all-natural, organic formula is packed with powerful antioxidants and hydrating ingredients, including marula, pomegranate, and carrot seed oils. "My skin looks smoother, softer, well-moisturized, and glowy," one reviewer reported. "The roller ball is my favorite part. It is so easy to apply this after cleansing."


A Pack Of Three Fashion-Forward Headbands That Comes With Three Bonus Silk Scrunchies

A stylish headband can be a real life-saver; with this pack of three, you'll never have to accept a bad hair day again. The bold striped design features tiny gold embroidered bees for a vintage-inspired look that Blair Waldorf would love. Plus, the set of three headbands also comes with three silky satin scrunchies, another chic hair accessory that's both fashionable and functional.


Individually-Packaged Wipes For On The Go Makeup Removal

Stash these individually-packaged makeup removing wipes in your purse, gym bag, desk drawer, and glovebox — you never know when might need to quickly freshen up. Completely biodegradable and infused with moisturizing ingredients like vitamin E, the wipes are not tested on animals and are safe for sensitive skin. They've earned a top rating from Amazon reviewers, who say they're remarkably effective at removing even the most stubborn makeup, and that they leave skin feeling soft, clean, and refreshed.

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