Fall’s Biggest Trend Works For Your Home, Too — Here’s How


If fall 2018 had a theme, it'd probably be "animal kingdom." Across the board, all manner of species' patterns are being represented on handbags, clothing, and shoes. So, why shouldn't your living space join the party? Indeed, animal print home decor is a thing right now as well, and you should absolutely indulge.

All your favorite home decor brands and retailers are showing their best and brightest, so don't think you have to deck out your home in brown, orange, or neutral cheetah print to get on the trend. All patterns are fair game, as are all shades. Think yellow zebra print, white snakeskin, and blue and lavender leopard spots — it's truly anyone's game.

While animal prints may seem like taking an unnecessary walk on the wild side for some (yes, you, minimalists), this is just not the case with this trend. No matter your decor aesthetic, there's a print and item for you ... honestly. Patterns are coming in neutral color ways and soft metallics, so you can go as soft as you want. Same can be said for the bold and beautiful decor enthusiasts. While traditional animal print patterns are vibrant enough in their natural habitat, try adding a neon or bright pastel palette to the mix and watch the sparks fly.

And, you don't have to wash your entire living room or bedroom in the trend, either. Sprinkle it around as you would a solid pop of color. Try an animal print on a cozy throw blanket, accent pillow, or vase. The print's bold enough to hold its own at any size or shape, so start off small and build on the trend as you get more comfortable with it.

So where do you start? The easiest room to probably start with is probably your bedroom — especially if you're dipping your toe into animal prints —since it's mainly seen by you. Explore blankets, frames, or small accent pillows to spread out around the space. Make the print your pop of vibrancy, particularly if your room is washed in neutrals.

After you've gotten your sea legs with animal prints, move on to your living room or dining room, which are obviously more on display in that they're the rooms that get the most traffic. You can splash animal prints across the dining table as a runner or throw a blanket or accent pillow across the sofa. You can also go the vase route and place a few strategically around the room.

Okay, now that you've gotten fully acquainted with all things animal print, it's time to shop around. Ahead, 10 stunning home decor pieces from top retailers that encompass all the prints of your dreams. Zebras and leopards and snakes, oh my! Get ready to deck your halls for fall — in such a way that's more chic than cliché. Sorry, leaf and pumpkin prints — you've been replaced.