Tallulah Willis Swears By These $10 Ballet Flats

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While many have found themselves on a habitual rotation of loungewear, sneakers, and the occasional pair of comfy jeans, Tallulah Willis' quarantine style has been a bit more unpredictable — and admittedly dependent on her hair. "My style is in constant motion," says the 26-year-old, who's spent the majority of this socially distant summer in Sun Valley, Idaho with her entire famous family, including mother Demi Moore and father Bruce Willis. "It’s completely dictated by mood, by sense of self, and sometimes (to be honest) wherever my hair is at."

Most recently, 'where it's at' has been a short buzz cut — a drastic hair change Willis had to make due to too much bleach. "But with these hair changes always comes a new window to try a different vibe," she says in an email interview with The Zoe Report. "Right now I’m in a very femme/girly phase. I don’t think I’ve even attempted to slap on a pair of denim in months."

In addition to her hair, Willis' current style could also be tied to the young designer's new clothing brand Wyllis. Made with comfort and self-expression in mind, the label touts items like colorful Hawaiian shirts, breezy sundresses, and vintage-inspired sandals. There's also a strong advocacy component: With t-shirts sporting statements like "Fun Times At Last" and "Empathy" and the numbers to the National Suicide Prevention Hotline and the National Alliance on Mental Illness Helpline tagged inside each garment, Wyllis makes a strong play for mental health awareness, a topic near and dear to the founder's heart.

In fact, Willis herself is very candid about her own experience with mental health issues and how it ties into her sense of self — and shapes her personal style. "Having a better relationship with my body is not a linear journey, so there are also days I feel the most safe in matching sweats or an oversized nightgown with cowboy boots," says Willis. "[...] I think that, for me, there always has to be one element of intention."

To get a better sense of her current intentions, ahead, 10 of Willis' go-to items (for the time being).

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Tallulah Willis' Shopping Pick: Ack Swimwear Amore Blasic Bikini

"I recently bought this suit after trying a ton of different ones and I really loved the oversized grommets and seamed bra shape."

Tallulah Willis' Shopping Pick: The Great Short Sleeve Puff Sweatshirt

"I love The Great. I think they have nailed leisure wear for summer with a bit of a change of silhouette. I love this puff sleeve sweatshirt."

Tallulah Willis' Shopping Pick: Simon Miller Bend Bag

"I got this bag in bright orange and haven’t put it down since it arrived! I love the length of the strap and the acrylic chain, the shape is also super user friendly."

Tallulah Willis' Shopping Pick: Linge Ballet Shoes

"During quarantine I had a surge of inspiration to only dress like a '90s off-duty ballerina and I stumbled across this company that makes amazing, simple, colorful flats. I got red and nude and have been living in them all summer."

Tallulah Willis' Shopping Pick: Gil Rodriguez Bodysuit

"I am obsessed with these form-fitting basics, particularly the wide strap body suit. It’s been my number one pick many, many times over."

Tallulah Willis' Shopping Pick: Gold Tooth Charm

"I cannot even explain why I am so in love with this '50s gold tooth charm. It’s a bit macabre and so weird, but it’s been in my Etsy cart for almost a year and each time I scroll by, my heart flutters a bit."

Tallulah Willis' Shopping Pick: Eve Denim Charlotte Culotte B In Blanc

"I am friends with designer Adelaide Bourbon, so I’ve seen very closely how much love goes into this denim line. I live in these white pants, well, until I inevitably stain them past recognition, but the fit and the fabric are exquisite!"

Tallulah Willis' Shopping Pick: Wyllis Bobby Heel

"I mean I may be biased because they are my own shoes, but I am so enthralled by the absolute fun nature of this heel. It just makes me wanna go dancing."

Tallulah Willis' Shopping Pick: By Far Stevie 22 Mint Stretch Leather Boot

"The sky blue hue of this bootie has sent me to a new dimension. I’ve been a fan of this brand for years and I’m never disappointed in quality or design."

Tallulah Willis' Shopping Pick: Poetic Pits Copal Musk

"I just purchased from this company and the scent is out of this world. It’s so earthy and yummy and basically almost replaces the need for perfume!"

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