The Unexpected Emerging Jewelry Trend To Try This Summer

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When you're thinking about the pieces that make up a summer wardrobe, your mind likely goes to swimsuits, shorts, and breezy dresses. One thing you may be overlooking though, is jewelry. Not only are there certain jewelry styles pegged specifically to this time of year (like seashells and pearls), you can also easily revive tired summer pieces with a little something sparkly. So, what are summer's best emerging jewelry trends that designers suggest for upping your warm-weather style?

According to a few of the industry's coolest experts, it's all about embracing the unusual and original for your summer bijoux. From brightly colored stones, to bulky chains, and (unsurprisingly) shells of all types, summer 2019’s baubles are all about embracing the more-is-more aesthetic. But, even if you consider yourself to be more of a minimalist, these designers have plenty of ideas to help you sport the summer's must-wear pieces. To catch you up on the jewelry trends that can instantly boost your summer look, five stylish designers offer their expertise below. Whether you’re looking to transform a re-worn dress or just add some oomph to a simple jeans and tee look, just add the pieces they recommend and you'll be all set.

Jess Hannah, J.Hannah

This summer, Jess Hannah of jewelry brand J. Hannah is using a variety of gemstones into her pieces. “We're seeing a lot of designers incorporating gemstones and natural pearls in new ways. I think that we'll see more of that for summer. Light, vitreous stones and pearls that evoke sunshine and fresh air," Hannah notes. "They bring color and life to the design, and remind us that these materials are from the earth and polished into something new and beautiful that we can cherish.”

If you’re looking to infuse bold hues into your wardrobe without much lift, Hannah recommends wearing brightly colored-gems and bigger stones for an easy statement. “A lot of these pieces will stand alone. I do personally love a statement pinky,” she says. “The most important thing is that they are designed to be worn for a lifetime, not a season. We always endeavor for each collection to be trend-free, versatile for anyone's style, and for generations to come.”

Christine Young, Young Frankk

This season Christine Young, designer of Young Frankk is focusing on layering chunky necklaces and bracelets. She explains, “everyone seems to be loving the layered look." Young Frankk’s classic chain necklace has been a best seller for the brand, “you can adjust the length so that you can wear it tightly like a choker or looser, which gives it more versatility and wear.” Since varying chains can be as bold or as pared-back as you want, feel free to style them with a trendier ensemble. "A general layering of chunky chains, whether it’s necklaces or bracelets, is the perfect finishing touch to any look," she notes.

Additionally, to finish off your summer ensemble, Young recommends resurfacing the statement earring trend from last summer. “I personally love a bold statement earring. It’s so easy to throw on to look much more put together instantly without even trying,” Young notes.

Brinker and Eliza Higgins, Brinker & Eliza

Mother-daughter duo Brinker and Eliza Higgins pay homage to the ocean with their jewelry brand Brinker & Eliza. “We’re from a beach town, so playing with shells, sea glass, and all that stuff is practically ingrained in us,” Higgins says. Though they note that their focus is more on their interests than greater industry trends, there is one overarching theme they see for summer: "Wearing jewelry everywhere. Jewelry in your hair, on your ankles, on your sunglasses. Our style embraces a more-is-more approach to accessorizing, and the jewelry everywhere trend falls happily in line."

Two pieces Higgins specifically calls attention to this season are pearl anklets and barrettes. Additionally, the mother and daughter duo are launching croakies, which she notes, "go with any outfit where you don’t want to lose your accompanying glasses. My mom is especially excited about these since she’s always misplacing her sunglasses.”

Verda Alaton, Tohum

“This summer is all about chains. Mega chains, thin chains, more chains and layering necklaces," says Verda Alaton, founder of Tohum. “We have designed an exclusive set for Net-a-Porter as part of our new Dunya Collection. They are chunky and worn as chains, but each piece in the link is individually designed and connected. It is a more dynamic and futuristic approach to the idea.”

Textured links are the focus for Tohum this season, and Alaton recommends styling them with simple pieces. “Since they are already striking in pattern, I would use them with monochrome textures,” she notes. “Style them with white shirts and elegant linen dresses for the summer. Even with bathing suits, they will look stunning."

If so much metal isn't for you, Aalton suggests the shell trend as an alternative. “Shells are still on, and are getting even bigger. Both large, daring designs, as well as delicate ones. Archi and Colubra styles are the new additions to the family. They are in big demand,” she notes.

Sayana Durany and Claudia Sánchez, Gimaguas

Co-Founders Sayana Durany and Claudia Sánchez of Gimaguas are embracing colorful baubles this summer. “We are looking forward to jewelry with bright colors that will embrace our sun kissed skin,” Durany says. “[Our] thin turquoise necklaces, red mini hoops, white earrings and yellow green puka necklaces."

The designer also suggests mixing and matching earrings as a fun way to add intrigue to an ensemble. Says Durnay, “we would mix mini earrings in different ear holes and mix thin a turquoise necklace with chunky brass necklaces."

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