These Are The 5 Jewelry Trends You’re Seeing All Over Insta

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Ask any fashion connoisseur how she finds a majority of upcoming trends and her answer will likely be Instagram. Yes, trends are first born on runways, but the photo-sharing app is where they really flourish. One moment you're aimlessly scrolling, and the next you’re down an hours-long rabbit hole of sartorial discovery. The platform is particularly good at shining a light on emerging accessories trends and brands, since it's especially easy to zoom in on a necklace or pretty pair of earrings. Already, Instagram influencers are wearing the summer's biggest jewelry trends. Thanks to the rise of brands like Susan Alexandra and SVNR, baubles are quirkier and more colorful than ever before — ideal for showing off in a selfie or shoe pic. And as part of the more is more mentality, shells, anklets, stacked rings, and layered necklaces are all part of the seasonal array of options.

“This summer is going to be all about layering necklaces, the return of hoop earrings, and shell jewelry, which is a must have,” says Erica Russo, Bloomingdale’s Vice President and Fashion Director of Accessories and Beauty. Clearly, these Insta-worthy trends are not simply popular by observation — retailers are taking notice.

Below, find a curated list of the five most popular jewelry trends on Instagram at the moment and where to stock up on the best pieces this season has to offer. Warning — you may find yourself wanting to wear them all at once.

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Summer Jewelry Trends On Instagram: Layered Necklaces

Layering necklaces isn’t a new trend per se, but this summer it's all about how multiple chains are styled. Pair with jeans and a T-shirt or a simple sundress to add a delicate touch to any summer outfit. “Layering can make [necklaces] feel vintage and eclectic, from pieces [that] may be new to others you’ve owned for many years,” Russo notes. “I love how layered necklaces can add a little more edge to a feminine spaghetti strap dress or puff sleeve top. You can also take a choker necklace dipped in gold and style it back to a crochet slip dress. It really personalizes your look.”

Summer Jewelry Trends On Instagram: Unique Hoop Earrings

You may already have a pair of sleek metal hoops that you keep on rotation, but this summer focuses on bolder, more structural iterations. “I love big earrings, either gold with jeans and a tee or a jeweled style for evening,” Russo notes. “Influencers wear multiple in one ear or oversized statement styles.” For daytime, pair a structural or pearl hoop with a breezy sundress or elevate a white T-shirt with stacked gold styles. Says Russo, “hoops are the ultimate go-with-everything accessory."

Summer Jewelry Trends On Instagram: Anklets

With your ankles finally free from winter boots, anklets can finally steal the spotlight. Be it a chain, beaded, or shell iteration, anklets are the 2020 version of chokers — adding a playful touch to sleek summer looks. Accessorize a summer-friendly strappy sandal or a minimalist heel with an anklet for a cool layered look.

Summer Jewelry Trends On Instagram: Shell Jewelry

Just about every fashion insider has deemed shell jewelry a summer trend to try — and Instagram only supports the notion. Russo highlights the wide variety of options, “everything from gold-dipped necklaces, to mismatched earrings, and ankle bracelets." She adds, “the great thing about this trend is you can wear it with casual [pieces] and dressy spring clothing.” Russo suggests styling a blouse and wide-leg denim with gold shell earrings, or pairing Puka shell bracelets with a denim boiler suit for a casual weekend look. “I love pairing shell jewelry [with] touches of neon and tie-dye looks. It creates a California surf vibe and feels so fun and fresh for summer.”

Summer Jewelry Trends On Instagram: Mismatched Earrings

Thanks to brands like SVNR and Roxanne Assoulin, bold, mismatched earrings are the ideal way to look polished but not overly stuffy. Mix-and-match earrings allow for plenty of creativity, so have fun! Try a long drop earring with a stud or a shell earring with a colorful jeweled piece. If the breadth of options sounds intimidating, there are a slew of brands offering countless unmatched sets to start off.

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