This Cool New Beauty Brand Wants To Change The Way You Treat Acne, One Pimple Patch At A Time


Treating acne is so fun, said no one, ever — especially because that typically means pulling out the sometimes-harsh spot treatments and heavy-duty concealers to hastily hide away your unwelcome visitors. Not exactly at the top of your list of favorite things to do. However, Starface's new Hydro-Stars pimple patches seek to change the way you address acne, by bringing a major dose of star-powered fun to your face. Get ready to embrace your breakouts like never before.

Traditionally speaking, acne is something that most members of society attempt to hide. Sure an angry, red, inflamed spot isn't exactly striking in the best way, but breakouts are a part of life — and as your mom (and dermatologist) have always told you, they respond best when they're treated with care and then simply left alone to heal. Thankfully, that's exactly what fresh-on-the-scene brand Starface is here to help you do, all while turning acne treatment into a much more fun experience. Not not saying you're going to look forward to your next breakout to give these beauties a try.

Starface's inaugural launch, Hydro-Stars, hit its seriously whimsical website on Sept. 5 to bring some major brightness to your acne-treating arsenal. The star-shaped skin stickers — although somewhat reminiscent of the stick-on earrings you probably rocked as a kid — are actually hydrocolloid pimple patches that seal off your spot to absorb fluid, stave off additional bacteria and inflammation, and speed up healing time so you can get back to clearer skin faster. And since these bright yellow celestial-inspired patches make a playful statement, they'll also help you have a bit of fun along the way instead of hiding under heaps of concealer.

Each cute yellow Hydro-Stars pack, $22, comes with 32 hydrocolloid stars ready to be peeled off their sheet and applied directly onto clean skin over any spot in need of special attention. The patch will virtually overhaul your typical acne-care routine as it works to drain pimples of fluid and cut back on inflammation overnight; they shine their brightest while you're asleep, all but guaranteeing you wake up to a less noticeable, more healed spot (but feel free to sport them during the day, too).

Ready to say goodbye to boring, basic acne treatments in favor of something a lot more fun? Scroll below to snag your own set of stars from Starface, below.