Sophie Monet's Is Envisioning A Clean Slate For 2020

by Danielle Naer

From the fine jewelry brand with the most DIY-spirit, Sophie Monet's new collection brings us the perfect clean-slate energy to start off 2020 with. To welcome spring, the "Sanctuary" line is the brand's vision of a fresh start: Crafted from stones, wood, and other elements from the natural world, the line is true to the brands roots, offering new updates to past signature looks. For jewelry collectors, investing in forever pieces with shared intentions has never been more timely — and, if the deal wasn't sweet enough, all pieces retail for under $230.

The collection is rife with rare finds — their Pearl Point ring creates the aesthetic of planets in orbit, using genuine fresh-water pearls and pine wood beads. The Jade Sun Hoops share this cosmic aesthetic, with Dolomite Jade hand-crafted into spheres. Crafted from blonde wood, precious heart-shaped amulets are a fixture in this collection. Take, for example, the Maple Wood Heart Bracelet, which is minimalist and maximalist all at once, nodding to the brand's "perfectly imperfect" approach to "Sanctuary." All pieces with metallic features incorporate real gold, some using 14-karat gold and others using gold-plated brass.

Sophie Monet Okulick, the designer behind the eponymous brand, creates all her pieces with love in Venice, California. Her inspiration came from her upbringing: Her father was a sculptor, and she spent countless hours in his studio around wood. Her passion for natural materials grew into a lifelong pursuit of creating pieces sustainably, with inspiration drawn from the endless possibilities of a single piece of wood. Her first collection was comprised entirely of the material, and the brand has since grown to include tons of resplendent gems, stones, and metals with each new line. "Sanctuary" is the perfectly imperfect culmination of that, incorporating elements old and new that resonate with the brand's distinct Southern California heritage.

For those looking to do a little spring shopping, browse the below selects from the "Sanctuary" collection.