Saint Jane's New Eye Cream *Does* Include CBD — Here's Why

Courtesy of Saint Jane
Packaging for Saint Jane's new Bright Repair Eye Cream.

CBD has undoubtedly become a jack-of-all-trades ingredient — but there is a clear reason it's the star of Saint Jane's new Bright Repair Eye Cream. "CBD has been recognized for helping to reduce inflammation," Casey Georgeson, Saint Jane's CEO and Founder, tells The Zoe Report over email. "Inflammation is the root cause of most skin issues, including under-eye puffiness. Using CBD calms, de-puffs, and gives you that well-rested look, even when you're not so well rested."

Exclusively released on SaintJaneBeauty.com on July 15, the new $65 eye cream is the latest addition to the beauty brand's much-loved CBD portfolio, which includes lipstick, a vitamin C serum, and its staple facial oil. "Eye cream is by far our most requested product, but has also taken the longest to formulate. My biggest problem with cream-based formulas is how they can pill when applied — it's the absolute worst under makeup," Georgeson continues. "So this formula had to be deeply hydrating, nourishing, and fast absorbing."

To get there, Saint Jane combined 500 milligrams of full-spectrum CBD with 10 percent glycerin-encapsulated vitamin C, plant-derived collagen, and an ingredient known as Resveratrol — a nod to Georgeson's prior experience in the wine industry. "Resveratrol is a powerful antioxidant found in red wine. It has a multitude of skin-loving benefits and protects from environmental stressors, which is why it's an extraordinary ingredient to use around the eyes where the skin is particularly sensitive and very thin," the founder explains.

Courtesy of Saint Jane

Together, these ingredients work in tandem to de-puff the eye area and diminish dark circles, one of the primary goals of the cream according to Georgeson. "Brightness, fine lines, and dark circles are our main targets," she says. "The CBD calms on contact and the puffiness begins to dissipate. CBD's benefits are cumulative, so we recommend continued use for greater results."

For now, you can shop the Bright Repair Eye Cream on the beauty brand's website; though you will be able to find it online and in-stores at Sephore this August. Below, Saint Jane's newest CBD addition.

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