Saint Jane's Newest Skincare Drop Reimagines The Standard Vitamin C Serum

Saint Jane
Saint Jane's new C-Drops in bottle.

No one can question vitamin C's popularity as a skincare superhero. "Vitamin C is arguably the most potent antioxidant aside from CBD to protect your skin’s cells," explained a press quote from Casey Georgeson, CEO and founder of the beauty brand Saint Jane — adding that discovering an ingredient that can "truly transform the skin" is exciting. Though for those not in the skincare industry themselves, getting your hands on Saint Jane's new C-Drops is just as thrilling.

Available on the beauty brand's website starting March 24, the $90 C-Drops elixir introduces a citrus splash into Saint Jane's luxe skincare portfolio. For each C-Drops formula, Saint Jane included a 20 percent active vitamin C alongside 500 milligrams of full-spectrum CBD. "Vitamin C is a superstar ingredient derived from nature. It’s one of the most-studied, most-results-driven botanical. Antioxidant rich, healing, nourishing, and 100 percent clean and natural… vitamin C plus CBD felt like striking gold," Georgeson continued.

Though formulating a facial serum with CBD is natural for Saint Jane — it is the brand behind the skin-pampering (and CBD-rich) Luxury Beauty Serum — it's a particularly powerful companion for vitamin C. The soothing CBD calms any irritation that could potentially stem from the active vitamin concentration.

Saint Jane

This comes in handy for the formula's citrus AHAs, too — natural chemical exfoliants sourced from Kakadu plums, lemons, and limes that encourage your skin's turnover system. To top everything off, the C-Drops finish with a dose of ferulic acid, used here to increase how much vitamin C and CBD your skin can absorb.

And before any Saint Jane fans can ask: No, this new release doesn't replace the Luxury Beauty Serum. Rather, Saint Jane recommends you apply the C-Drops first onto cleansed skin, then follow up with the cult-favorite serum. When used together, Saint Jane's duo exfoliates, nourishes, moisturizes, and brightens — all with just two products.

For the time being, you can order the C-Drops exclusively on SaintJaneBeauty.com. Or, find the new serum on Credo's website starting the first week of April.

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