Rihanna's Box Braids Will Prompt You To Give The Protective Style A Whirl This Summer

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When you land on one hairstyle that perfectly encapsulates your essence, you might thank your lucky stars and stick with it for the long haul. For instance, Anna Wintour's sleek bob has evolved into a timeless symbol for the Vogue matriarch, transcending seasonal trends and cementing itself as an iconic beauty fixture for the ages. On the flip side, some tastemakers never settle on one look for too long. These free-spirited beauty unicorns fearlessly wear a wide range of styles and manage to look equally stunning in each and every one. Robyn Rihanna Fenty is the quintessential example of a hair chameleon, and Rihanna's red box braids were the latest testament to the Barbadian singer's affinity for a switch-up in the hair department.

If you think back to the Unapologetic era, you'll remember Rihanna's iconic black pixie cut with blunt micro bangs, often accompanied with a bold red lip. It had everyone itching to reach for the shears, considering a big chop that would let their facial features shine. Throw it back a few years earlier to 2010, and you'll land in that idyllic scene in "Only Girl (In The World)," in which Rih rocked voluminous, cherry red curls whilst sprawled out in a bed of roses, promptly triggering viewers to phone their colorist for a bold crimson hue.

From platinum blond blowouts to copper natural curls, the 31-year-old has been around the world and back again in terms of her tresses, and she revealed yet another stunning hair makeover on Tues. night in New York City.

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Arriving at the Fenty Pop-Up Shop at The Webster in SoHo, the fashion mogul debuted dark red hip-length box braids, and it was a moment. Accenting her hot pink satin mini dress and fuchsia stilettos, the sleek protective style was a gorgeous departure from the jet black waves she's been rocking as of late. As a surprise to absolutely no one, the look was stellar, and might even have you considering the low-maintenance hairstyle for summer months ahead.

Though the braiding process tends to be lengthy, box braids can save you a ton of time (and damage) for up to eight weeks. Allowing for minimal manipulation of your strands, the '90s-inspired look will serve Poetic Justice vibes that everyone from Tessa Thompson to Solange has taken for a spin. If you're thinking of taking the plunge with braids this summer, you'll need a few essential products on deck. Shop the Zoe Report's selection of styling and maintenance must-haves that will keep your braids looking 100, ahead.

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