The Only Dry Shampoo That Actually Cleans My Thick Hair


Over the last few months, I noticed how often I was washing and styling my extremely thick hair — and how much time it took out of my day. Dry shampoo wasn't a product that I relied on much for some reason, but when I had the opportunity to review Redken's Deep Clean Dry Shampoo, I spun at the opportunity. Let me explain.

The brand's $24 dry shampoo launched Feb. 2020, in partnership with Flywheel spinning studios. The brand invited me to a sweaty hour-long session, where my days-old blowout didn't stand a chance (always the mark of a good workout!). After hopping off my bike, I decided to give the shampoo a try; I blasted the spray directly on my roots and coaxed it in. I was mesmerized by how my thick, shoulder-length hair went from greasy to considerably glossy in under a minute.

A month later, and I find myself reaching for Deep Clean on the days when I want to extend my style, or if I don't feel like getting my hair wet. The formula features rice and tapioca starches, providing ultimate oil absorption for a variety of hair types. See before-and-after results below.

Kelsey Stewart
Kelsey Stewart

But with any dry shampoo, you have to be careful not to get too excited when applying the product, as dark hair can easily turn white from spraying too much powder directly on the roots. I like to target my roots and then gradually (but lightly) work my way to the ends. To avoid overdoing it, I'll hold the can about six inches away from my crown, then immediately brush through my hair after it's applied to ensure it's even throughout.

Redken's newest product gives my hair great control without sacrificing its body. I still get the volume I yearn for, but without the frizz I do my best to steer clear of. Additionally, the dry shampoo makes my hair feel softer than any others I've tried. I've always wished for a silky, velvet finish, but my natural texture is more on the rough end of the spectrum.

Below, try the shampoo for yourself. The workout is optional.