Rebecca Romijn's Fine Jewelry Line Gives The Term 'Forever Pieces' A New Meaning

by Shelby Ying Hyde
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Emmy Park / Charlie Dolly
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Arguably, the hardest part about shopping for fine jewelry is finding a style that's versatile enough to justify the steep price tag. However, when it comes to the pieces in Rebecca Romijn's jewelry collection Charlie Dolly (priced between $550 - $9,000), they're delicate enough for everyday use, but resilient enough that you don't have to ever take them off — unless, of course, you want to. And for those that are worried about the contents of their jewelry box getting lost in the commotion of everyday life, this brand has found a solution that's as smart as it is chic and gives the phrase "forever pieces" a whole new meaning.

On Jan. 28, Romijn introduced the newly launched line with an intimate gathering at her New York City residence. The pieces in the collection were thoughtfully placed on clear-cut crystals, set atop a beautiful malachite table to showcase their dainty nature. Named after her two daughters, Charlie Dolly is all about providing customers with jewelry that's meant to stay on, no matter what you're doing.

"I haven't taken this off in, like, two years," the mom-of-two shares proudly with TZR, while pointing to the line's delicate tennis bracelet on her wrist. "I've showered in it. I've gone to the beach in it. And I've managed to take care of six very big dogs with it on".

Practical wearability has certainly played a big factor into the brand's core ethos, inspiring the new designer to ditch the clunky settings and come up with a more strategic approach — which uses laser piercing for a floating diamond effect and to rid the pieces of a setting all together.

Emmy Park / Charlie Dolly

Handcrafted entirely in Los Angeles, the 24-piece collection is made from 14-karat gold and finds the perfect balance between luxe and bohemian. A nod to the actor and model's free-spirited upbringing, the lineup is designed with this idea of casually wearing diamonds and adding a luxurious finish to even the most relaxed look. And if you're looking to bring a few of these must-have styles to your starting lineup, they pair just as well with the pieces you already own.

Perfect for stacking, any one of the collection's chevron-cut rings, which are priced between $830 and $1,300, will work hard in your jewelry collection (but look just as refined when worn separately). If you're interested in a much more subtle take on the tennis jewelry trend that's all over the red carpet right now, the Modern Tennis bracelet for $1,700, is a great place to start.

Continue on to shop a curated selection of Charlie Dolly pieces, or head over to the brand's website to shop the new line in full.

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