Queen Letizia Styled This Vintage Look With A Modern Twist

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While the thought of hand-me-downs may conjure up an image of the worn-out jean shorts you inherited from your cousin many moons ago, there's something to be said for secondhand style. Exploring the retro closet of an older friend or family member can save you hours of searching through vintage stores for the perfect piece. Queen Letizia's red skirt and top, both of which belonged to her mother-in-law, prove true classics never go out of style.

The Spanish monarch attended the National Fashion Awards at the Museo del Traje in Madrid on Weds. wearing a bold monochrome look. Proving the power of a red-on-red ensemble, Letizia combined a pleated midi skirt with a flouncy sleeved blouse and matching pointed pumps.

According to Vogue, the cherry-colored ensemble was passed down from her mother-in-law, Queen Sofia. The former queen was photographed wearing the skirt set in the 1980s, styling it with a multi-strand pearl necklace, a gold bangle, and a matching fascinator.

Queen Letizia updated the outfit with the simple addition of a snakeskin clutch and her signature rich brown curls, styled in a glossy center part. Although her makeup choices tend to be natural-looking, the bold-toned clothing accentuated her bronzed skin, peachy blush, and smoky eyeshadow.

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The monochrome trend has proven to be inescapable in the celebrity world as of late. The likes of Gabrielle Union, Jennifer Lopez, and Victoria Beckham have all made statements with single-color ensembles in recent weeks, wearing shades of white, green, and camel. Queen Letizia took on a riskier challenge when she opted for bright red, a major go-to color for the holiday season.

Although Letizia's exact pieces aren't available to shop, you can still recreate her outfit in your own closet. Pair a red top with a matching skirt, or combine multiple red shades for a more textured look. If you're trying to make monochrome as easy as possible, try a one-step look in the form of a red dress. Ahead, shop The Zoe Report's favorite red pieces inspired by Queen Letizia's latest look.

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