Phyto’s Adding Even More Scalp-Care Products To Its Lineup With An Entirely New Collection


Between a stacked social schedule, more time outdoors, and rushed mornings after late nights, your hair likely goes through the ringer during the summertime. In particular, your scalp can take the brunt of burden when it comes to tress-traumatizing hazards like pollution, dirt and dust, and tons of residue from dry shampoo and other styling products — leaving your hair looking limp, lifeless, and in need of some love and attention. When that's the case, it's best to attack the issue right at the root, and Phyto's new PHYTODETOX collection is the way to do it. It's time to give your scalp a fresh start.

Don't you sometimes wish there was a reboot button for life? Unfortunately, you can't go back in time and undo the unfortunate run-in with your ex at that party — but the good news is there's a way to restore your hair to its former glory when it's looking a little down. The answer lies in your roots, which get weighed down by environmental factors like pollution, dirt, and dust, plus one too many doses of dry shampoo (no judgement). Luckily French haircare brand Phyto's new line presents an effective way to give your scalp the deep clean it deserves in three easy steps.

As the name suggests, Phyto's just-dropped PHYTODETOX line is aimed at ridding your tresses of anything that's making it look lackluster. Just like the rest of the brand's products, the three-step routine relies on effective botanical ingredients to revive and restore your hair — but in this case, its efforts focus on the scalp.

The first step in the PHYTODETOX routine is a $26 Pre-Shampoo Purifying Mask, which presents a somewhat unorthodox (but certainly innovative) approach to hair masking. Like a scalp scrub, and unlike deep-conditioning masks you may be used to, you apply this clay and eucalyptus oil mask ahead of shampooing to absorb impurities that are bogging down your roots. It'll instantly reset and rebalance your scalp for noticeably lifted, lighter strands.

Follow it up with Phyto's Clarifying Detox Shampoo, $19, which further eliminates buildup and residue that's blocking your hair's highest potential. It combines antioxidant-rich ingredients like St. John's wort and sage with soothing and purifying chamomile and witch hazel to soften, strengthen, and protect hair so it looks bouncy alive once again. Plus, since it'll leave your hair so light and clean, you'll be able to stretch the time between washes (and cut down on dry shampoo).

And when you need a quick hair fix, the PHYTODETOX line even includes an anytime-anywhere tress treatment. The Phytodetox Spray Rehab Mist, $26, immediately refreshes hair that's looking drab with detoxifying kumquat and burdock extract that absorb impurities, plus the rejuvenating scent of eucalyptus essential oil. A few spritzes at the root and on the lengths of your hair and you'll see an instant boost in volume, and give your strands a fresh, clean aroma to get you through the day. Don't leave home without it this summer.

Give your scalp the fresh start it deserves this season by snagging all three steps from Phyto's new detoxifying line, below.