Cult-Favorite Brand Peace Out Just Launched Its First Product That's NOT For Acne

by Sara Spruch-Feiner
Courtesy of Peace Out

Peace Out is most commonly affiliated with its sell-out pimple patches— but the brand has slowly been expanding into other, non-stick-on territory. Most recently, it launched a serum formulated to address acne. It's newest launch, however, is the first to have nothing to do with acne: and eye care product. Yes, Peace Out's Retinol Eye Stick comes in punchy pink packaging that looks playful and youthful, but the powerhouse ingredients in this product tell another story. And impressively, at $28, it's still a pretty affordable purchase.

Being that the hero ingredient is retinol, the eye stick (a serum-balm hybrid) is intended for overnight use, and is designed specifically for those who know they're approaching the age where a retinol might be a smart addition...but want to start slowly. (After all, nothing is easier than a stick product.) "The Retinol Eye Stick is the perfect way for today’s skincare consumer to incorporate a retinol, because the product hydrates the skin at the same time,” Enrico Frezza, CEO and Founder of Peace Out tells TZR. “Even younger customers are starting to recognize the power of retinoids as a powerful preventative ingredient against future aging and evening out skin tone," he says. The retinol in the product is encapsulated, making it safe for sensitive skin.

Courtesy of Peace Out

This concentrated retinol, while it gets top-billing, is not the only potent youth-boosting ingredient in this new formula. There's also a peptide complex that helps support the skin barrier, and provides smoothing and softening. Squalane hydrates, which is, of course, key for an under-eye product, where the skin is its thinnest and most delicate.

Finally, there's astaxanthin, and if you don't know this one, you'll want to file it under "cool ingredients to know." It's a super powerful antioxidant (6000x stronger than vitamin C) that works to defend against free radicals and other environmental stressors.

To apply, swipe the stick all around the eye area — yes, it's not only safe for under the eyes, but also for the lids. The brand recommends using the product just once a week to start, if you're new to retinol.

Shop it on Sephora on December 21 (and sign up for a notification now).

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