The Brand That Created Those Viral Pore Strips Now Has A Serum To Help Treat “Maskne”

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Peace Out Skincare’s New Acne Serum helps with maskne
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All it takes is one viral TikTok and you're skyrocketed to stardom (sounds easy, right?). Well, that's exactly what happened with Peace Out Skincare when a video of someone using the brand's Peace Out Pore Strips — and loving how it pulled gobs of gunk out of their nose — emptied the entire 15,000+ product stock in one June weekend. And, yes thankfully, the pore strips have since been restocked; however that's not even the best news. This is: Peace Out Skincare has a new Acne Serum and it tackles skincare's latest conundrum, known as "maskne."

Yep, maskne, the word that would have made no sense six months ago is now, in the age of coronavirus, one of the hottest topics in the skincare community. As the name implies, it's the acne that comes from wearing a face mask or facial covering, and it can be quite stubborn. Which is where the new Peace Out Acne Serum, launched on July 6 at Sephora and peaceoutskincare.com, comes in.

The $34 serum is a first for the brand and described as an "all-over acne treatment." Meaning the topical formula treats (and prevents) blemishes, reduces hyperpigmentation and redness, and smooths the appearance of pores on the entire face —including where that maskne builds up (aka the chin).

It conquers all of that with a few main ingredients, two of which are acids: salicylic acid (at two percent potency) and triluronic acid. The first, and more common, controls sebum production and rids of excess oil while the second hydrates and soothes the skin. Centella asiatica extract, a go-to herbal extract, rounds out the trio and aids in overall skin appearance. Plus, for good measure, the serum includes other skincare favorites like niacinamide, vitamin C, and zinc that brighten skin and keep it clear.

For optimal results, the brand suggests using the serum twice a day — in the morning and the evening. After washing your face, apply the serum on dry skin and follow up with SPF. For those with sensitive skin, as per usual, start with once a day and see how your skin reacts.

Shop Peace Out Skincare's new addition on its site or at Sephora, and say peace out to maskne once and for all.

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