The Biggest Beauty Trend From Paris Fashion Week Is Perfect For Bad Hair Days


Regardless of the city, the hair during Fashion Month tends to take a backseat to everything else that's going on. The clothes are in the spotlight, of course, but the makeup also tends to get a little more of the shine. And with so many different textures and lengths, designers have been leaning more toward an individualist look in past seasons when it comes to the hair. That's why you might be tickled to hear that the hair trends at Paris Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2020 are anything but meek. They're bold, beautiful, and demanding to be seen.

Of course, hairstylists are still working with individual models' textures and styles. (You love to see that.) But they've seemed to crack the nut on how to create gorgeous looks that work across all lengths, textures, and vibes. Slicked side parts, for example, look fabulous in everything from low ponytails to sleek blowouts. Half-updos can be rocked whether you've got straight, thin hair or box braids. And hair gurus have been reaching for the one style equalizer — the hair accessory — to tie everything together (sometimes literally). Everything from scarves to oversized hats are fair game, and it's all gorgeous.

The moral of the story here? Stop letting your hair be an afterthought. If you should take anything from the shows at Paris Fashion Week, it's that your mane deserves to be center stage.

PFW Fall/Winter 2020 Hair Trend: Statement Accessories

Seen at: Dior, Maison Margiela, and Kenzo

Get the look: The message at Dior was clear: It's time to embrace your individuality. (The entire show was an ode to feminism, from the clothes to the set design.) To convey that through the hair, Guido Palau, Global Creative Director for Redken really played up each individual's natural style — but with one point of cohesion. He wrapped head scarves around a handful of models' manes, allowing their natural textures to shine underneath.

Peter White/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

At Maison Margiela, models wore a variety of whimsical headpieces that looked more like art than head ware.


Over at Kenzo, the hats were so oversized, that some of them actually obscured the makeup look. Talk about making a statement.

Estrop/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

PFW Fall/Winter 2020 Hair Trend: Ultra-Deep Side Parts

Seen at: Mugler, Coperni, Kenneth Ize

Get the look: The girl at Mugler's Fall/Winter 2020 show was "a real mean girl," according to hairstylist Jawara. "They command a space in the room. You kinda want to be them, but you kind of hate them at the same time. But you are them, sometimes, in certain atmospheres." And that translated into slicked side parts that dipped as low as the end of the eyebrow. To get the look, Jawara opted for a $7 bottle of hair gel you could get at the drugstore.

Kristy Sparow/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

The look was also spotted at Coperni, where the parts were paired with ponytails and rich, red lips.

Kenneth Ize's side parts were paired with loose waves.

Victor VIRGILE/Gamma-Rapho/Getty Images