OPI’s Most Popular Color In 2018 Is The Perfect Everyday Shade


Chances are, you got a manicure at some point this year. Or, at the very least, gave your nails some at-home TLC, finishing them off with a couple coats of shiny polish in your favorite shade. And whether you frequent your local nail salon or prefer a DYI mani, it's pretty likely that you've sported a shade from one of the industry's top brands: OPI. Now, what are the odds that the lacquer you love makes it into the list of OPI best sellers of 2018? Read on to see if your color of choice made the cut — maybe you'll even be inspired to try a different polish on your next trip to the salon.

Of the ubiquitous nail care brand's numerous shades — which total at an impressive 240 at the moment — there are a select few that rise above the rest, becoming favorites in salons and personal collections seemingly everywhere. When it comes to these uber-popular polish colors, it's not uncommon to look at the nail salon guest next to you and notice they've chosen the exact same shade. Or, you'll show up to brunch with your best friend, both of you simultaneously realizing you've separately opted for identical manicures.

This year, the list of OPI's best selling nail colors features some polish names you'll likely recognize if you count yourself amongst the brand's fans — whereas some of the other shades included in the power ranking may come as a total surprise.

OPI's top ten for 2018 includes several classics you'd except to be popular, like pale pinks that make for a super-polished manicure. It's no surprise then, that the brand's number one polish is Bubble Bath, a whisper pink shade that's barely a departure from a natural nail color. The subtle, ideal for everyday shade is a far cry from 2017's top ranked OPI polish — it'd be hard to come up with a more opposite color.

Rounding out the big three in OPI's top ten list are two other shades that make a lot of sense: Big Apple Red and Malaga Wine. The bold red polishes are ideal for those who gravitate towards a more impactful look. The prior, a true red with blue undertones, is a longtime favorite for a classic red mani; the former provides a rich, wine shade ideal for a moodier look.

While all of the aforementioned shades, not to mention the majority of the top ten shades, are high-shine creme finishes with no added sheen, two polishes stand out amongst the rest. In spot seven is a bright pink shade with a hefty dose of sparkle. The polish color is feminine through and through, right down to the name, Princesses Rule! Another shimmery shade on the list, I'm Not Really A Waitress, is a cheeky update to a classic burgundy shade, infused with a pearlescent finish that gives the polish a multi-dimensional glow. Next time you feel like reaching for your old faithful wine red this season, give it a try instead.

Keep scrolling to see the rest of OPI's bestselling polishes of 2018, and take the opportunity to snag a new shade while you're at it.

1. Bubble Bath

2. Big Apple Red

3. Malaga Wine

4. Alpine Snow

5. Lincoln Park After Dark

6. Cajun Shrimp

7. Princesses Rule!

8. Taupe-less Beach

9. I'm Not Really A Waitress

10. Tickle My France-y