How Your Enneagram Type Can Inspire A Meaningful New Years Resolution

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Resolutions can run the gamut from incorporating simple daily habits (like drinking more water, for example) to deeply self-reflective actions. Simply having something to aspire to that's still accessible can be beneficial for your mind and body, so it doesn't matter which of these categories your personal objectives fall into — but if you're more interested in the latter, inspiration could come from an unexpected source. New Year's goals based on your Enneagram type may lead to your most meaningful resolutions ever, and that's because they're tailored to the most dominant aspects of your personality.

In case you're not familiar, the Enneagram is a type of personality test developed by Oscar Ichazo, based on ancient wisdom, according to the Enneagram Institute. This ideology suggests that every person falls into one of nine categories: The Reformer, The Helper, The Achiever, The Individualist, The Investigator, The Loyalist, The Enthusiast, The Challenger, and The Peacemaker.

Beth McCord, founder of Your Enneagram Coach, explains that knowing your Enneagram type can help you better understand yourself in ways that could led to more lasting relationships, success in your career, self-confidence, and so on. "It [...] describes why you think, feel, and behave in specific ways due to your unique core fears and core desires," she says. "When it comes to goal-setting, the Enneagram can reveal why you struggle to keep your goals and help you get back on track. By understanding your motivations (the why behind what you do), you can use the Enneagram as an internal GPS to keep you on a path of health and wholeness in life, work, and relationships."

Looking to set goals for the new year that will have you feeling ready to charge forward into 2021? Ahead find McCord's suggestions, based on your type (take a free personality test to find out which you fall into), for resolutions that encourage you to prioritize self-care, learn to let go of perfection, and more.

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New Years Goals For Your Enneagram Type: The Reformer

Type 1 — otherwise known as The Reformer — personalities are defined as being rational and perfectionistic, so McCord believes allowing for some more imperfection in 2021 is a good place to start. "Type 1s are always striving for perfection, so going into the new year, remind yourself that it's okay to make mistakes," she says. "By giving yourself compassion, you can learn to extend that same grace to others."

New Years Goals For Your Enneagram Type: The Helper

Type 2, The Helper, is typically caring and people-pleasing, which can lead to possessiveness. McCord's advice? Prioritize self-care this year. "Type 2's are always prioritizing others, so going into the new year, remind yourself that it’s okay to practice self-care and make time for yourself," she explains. "By filling your tank first, you can better serve and love others."

New Years Goals For Your Enneagram Type: The Achiever

Type 3, The Achiever, is success-oriented but image-conscious. To combat the latter, McCord believes tapping into authenticity (instead of striving for what may be unrealistic or unattainable) could be a solution. "Going into the new year, dig deep into your authentic self, so you can accomplish the goals that mean the most to you," she says.

New Years Goals For Your Enneagram Type: The Individualist

Sensitive and expressive but temperamental defines a Type 4, otherwise known as The Individualist. As to not fall into feelings of isolation, McCord suggests striving for emotional stability. Connect with loved ones, practice gratitude, and remind yourself of all you have to offer the world.

New Years Goals For Your Enneagram Type: The Investigator

Type 5, The Investigator, is known to be cerebral and perceptive but also can be secretive. "Type 5's always feel like they need more information before they can take action," says McCord. "Going into the new year, intentionally move forward so you can reach your goals and share your wisdom with the world."

New Years Goals For Your Enneagram Type: The Loyalist

If you're a Type 6, or a Loyalist, you're probably best described as committed and security-oriented — but occasionally this can lead to feeling of suspicion. "Trust yourself," McCord suggests as a New Year's goal. "Type 6's doubt their decision-making ability and depend on others to guide them. Going into the new year, remind yourself that you can trust your own discernment and create insightful goals."

New Years Goals For Your Enneagram Type: The Enthusiast

At best, Type 7, The Enthusiast, is fun-loving and spontaneous, but McCord says that this can also lead to an inability to stay in — and enjoy — the present. "Type 7's believe they can’t depend on others, and they’re always looking forward to the next fun thing," she says. "Going into the new year, remind yourself to savor the present moment and focus on achieving each step of your goals."

New Years Goals For Your Enneagram Type: The Challenger

The Challenger, Type 8, is self-confident but can be confrontational. That said, McCord's suggestion for a great New Year's goal for this personality type is to embrace vulnerability. "Type 8's believe they must always be the strong ones, and they fear being betrayed," she explains. "Going into the new year, try coming alongside others with compassion, and expressing your needs, so you can work together to achieve incredible goals."

New Years Goals For Your Enneagram Type: The Peacemaker

Are you easygoing and agreeable, but can be complacent? Then you fit the Type 9, Peacemaker, description. To make sure your voice is heard this year, McCord says not to be afraid of asserting yourself more. "Going into the new year, don’t ignore yourself," she says. "Own your voice and create goals that truly represent your passions."