The Unexpected (But Seriously Pretty) Jewelry Trend Instagram Can’t Get Enough Of This Season


Summer's a season best spent out of doors beneath a sunny, clear blue sky, surrounded by good friends, great food, and gorgeous scenery (hello sandy beach vacays and lush, green lakeside weekends). With warmer weather getting you and everyone you know outside, it's no wonder that nature has become decidedly top of mind — so much so that you can't help but want to surround yourself with natural beauty at all times. Clearly, you're not alone, because Instagram's nature-inspired jewelry trend is quickly growing. And it could be just the thing to try if you've been itching to get back to your natural roots.

If you need proof that the great outdoors have been on the minds of many (really, it's not only you), look no further than one-of-a-kind e-commerce site Etsy — aka the place you go to find almost anything fitting of nearly every aesthetic. Lately, Etsy's been seeing a surge in popularity when it comes to nature-inspired items, particularly in the form of pretty, unexpected jewelry pieces. The site's naturally beautiful accessory offerings have been blowing up on its Instagram page, garnering tens of thousands of likes per photo — several thousand more engagements than some of its other posts see.

Clearly, people are gravitating towards jewelry produced from more natural materials — like this Pure Fine Silver Green Kyanite Shield Ring, $294, which has earned upwards of 31,000 double-taps on Etsy's Instagram feed. It's glamorous without feeling overly refined, and gives off a bohemian, back-to-nature vibe that goes well with the breezier, unfussy pieces you'll be wearing this season. Plus, since each one comes from earth-derived kyanite, no two will ever look exactly alike.

Equally as popular are the site's Personalized Pressed Flower Necklaces, $33 each, which include a real blooming bud incased in clear acetate. They've pulled in over 29,000 likes when posted Instagram, plus there's no green thumb required to keep those flowers looking fresh. But if you're more inspired by the night sky, you'll love the Written in the Stars Ring, $1,650, which allows you to feature two zodiac constellations on one sleek 14k gold band — choose yours and your partners to signify how your stars have aligned.

And it's not just Etsy offering up plenty of pretty nature-inspired finds. Some of your favorite stores are also getting in on the trend, stocking dainty and daring jewelry pieces that pay homage to Mother Earth. Lele Sadoughi's Trillium Bouquet Earrings, $335 at Shopbop, feature crystal and acetate formed into striking, feminine flowers that dangle from your ears (ideal for a wedding guest look). And Laura Lee's Ocean at Night Coin Bracelet, $382, combines the cosmos and the sea into one, with a delicate double-sided coin that shows off a crescent moon and crashing waves. Wear it all summer, whether you'll be beachside or not.

Keep scrolling to see some of the best nature-inspired jewelry finds that are starting to sprout up across the web to be among the first to get in on this naturally pretty trend.