If You Think Jade Rollers Are Intriguing, You Need To Try MAKE’s Newest Beauty Tool


Any skin care devotee knows that it requires a lot of trial and error to figure out your ideal beauty routine. Determining which products work best for your skin, and moreover, which tools augment your daily essentials so you get the most out of every application, is a seemingly never-ending quest — especially since there's something new to try just about every single day. The latest release to add to your must-try list? The brand-new MAKE Marble Eraser, a beauty tool that promises to be just as effective as it is pretty.

With the rise in daily-use beauty tools that are aimed at providing multi-functional benefits — from acting as a self-care ritual, to actually helping the rest of your skin care products work to the fullest — products like jade rollers and gua sha stones have seen a major moment of widespread popularity over the past several months. They're items that are intentional; they make your beauty regime feel like more than just a means to an end, because they're not only providing visible results (hello lifted, toned skin) but also helping you to spend a little more time on yourself each day.

Now, New York-based beauty brand MAKE, is throwing its own multifunctional beauty tool into the ring, and based on looks alone, it's one you'll definitely want to try. The Marble Eraser, now available on the minimalist makeup brand's site for $150, is a stunning yet simple design, aimed at combining all the aforementioned uses of a traditional facial massage tool into one super-sleek package.

The tool, imagined for MAKE by Tetsuo Mukai of design studio Study O Portable, is crafted out of luxe-looking Naxian marble, a material hewn from the Greek island of Naxos. It's a marble largely made up of quartz crystal, which, if you know anything about the healing properties of different crystals, is known to be a universal healer and a promoter of balance.

Beyond the purportedly mystical (not to mention aesthetically pleasing) material it's fashioned out of, the silhouette of the tool holds additional significance. "The shape of the tool mimics an eraser, a humble piece of stationery that’s familiar yet mysterious in its ability to cleanse and eliminate in order to create something new. The result is a tactile object imbued with possibilities that can be anything you want it to be,” Mukai explained in the newly dropped Marble Eraser's press release.

And if all the potential metaphysical gains of MAKE's latest launch do little to convince you of trying the tool (no worries, the world of woo-woo isn't for everyone), consider the actual beauty benefits you can expect from adding it into your routine.

It can be used to massage your favorite face oils or moisturizing night creams more deeply into skin than hands could alone, ensuring that even the deepest layers of dermis will feel the love. On top of that, massaging your skin — especially in gentle outward and downward strokes — is said to help promote lymphatic drainage, meaning your face will look less puffy and more glowy with each use. Keep it up, and you can even expect a more lifted, smooth complexion over time. Take that, expensive spa facials.

All skin benefits and mysterious metaphysical properties aside, if there's one thing everyone would agree on, it's that the Marble Eraser is just about the most gorgeous beauty tool available right now. This is one you'll want to display on your vanity — and reach for day after day. Check it out below, and shop it on MAKE's website. With the holidays just around the corner, it wouldn't be a surprise if this is one luxe beauty buy that sells out fast.