This Beauty Tool Changed My Face, Starting With My Dark Circles

by Stephanie Montes
Ivan Lattuada

Lasers. LED light. Ultrasound infusers. Microcurrents. Massagers. You name a beauty invention; I’ve tried it. And while high-tech skincare is as cool as it is complicated, it doesn’t always deliver serious results. If I’m being totally honest, between chargers, careful application and remembering which one does what, it’s easy to lose motivation. Luckily, the latest skincare tool to land on my vanity is easy to use and not the slightest bit techy.

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The jade roller is an actual stone mounted on what can only be described as a tiny rolling pin, and it is perfect for my low-maintenance ways and the very slight sagging that has begun on my face. An integral part of Chinese beauty regimens since the 7th century or so, this pale-green tool is known for boosting circulation, improving elasticity, relieving puffiness and even helping your skincare products penetrate deeper into the skin for maximum absorption. While this all sounds great, I love the idea of not having to plug it in, charge it or tread with caution.


From the second I first held it up to my face, I knew I had met my perfect match. The jade stone stays cool naturally, which instantly cures any puffiness or redness. My routine: I apply my moisturizer, and then make it a point to go over the areas around my jaw and temples with the roller. It’s almost like a deep-tissue massage—I can feel the tension and kinks being worked out. I’m so relaxed and you can see it in my face, in a good way. Lastly, I apply my eye cream and lightly roll over my bags with an upward motion. I've noticed how much more awake I look, and have vowed to use this little miracle-worker every day.


Just to give my skincare routine (and my commute) a bit more context, let me tell you how I kill two birds with one stone. My morning drive to work is over an hour long, so I try to do the least amount of primping at home and then finish it in the car in bumper-to-bumper traffic. My car's center console is filled with my favorite skincare products, which I apply at red lights and full stops—and this routine now includes my jade roller. I love that I can keep both eyes on the road,while still giving my face a spa-worthy massage. Needless to say, putting my new tool to work has been a totally seamless process.


Fast-forward a month, and my face looks pretty different (in the eye area, at least). My jawline is much more defined (this is the area where I was experiencing the sagging I mentioned earlier), and my cheekbones look naturally contoured. But the biggest improvement I’ve seen is in my under-eye area. Not only are my bags almost completely gone, but my dark circles are much lighter. I’ve even noticed that I use much less concealer these days. Last, but certainly not least, my skin is glowing! I don’t know if it’s just the better circulation or the fact that my moisturizer is on overdrive, but I have a dewiness at all hours of the day that no highlighter can mimic. Either way, this jade roller is staying on repeat.