MAC Cosmetics’ Cult-Favorite Setting Spray Now Has An SPF Version

Courtesy of MAC Cosmetics

Any dermatologist will tell you that sun protection is essential every single day, but it's especially important during the summer when the sun's blazing and you're spending more time outdoors. Which means, if there's one thing you shouldn't be leaving the house without this season, it's SPF. And if you're the type to habitually forget to slather your face, you'll be glad to know there's now a more seamless way to work sun protection into your regime. It's MAC Cosmetics’ Prep + Prime Fix+ SPF 30 Sun Spray — a brand-new iteration of the cult-loved makeup setting mist supercharged with a dose of all-important SPF.

If you were to dig through your friend's beauty collection or survey several makeup artists, there's one MAC Cosmetics product you're almost guaranteed to find. The brand's beloved Prep + Prime setting spray, which has been a makeup shelf staple since its introduction — and has since expanded from its original into other formulas, like a matte finish and more recently, summer-ready fruit-scented iterations. And clearly, MAC wasn't finished.

On June 21, the brand introduced another new version of the fan favorite setting spray, and this one is particularly suited for the current season. MAC's new Prep + Prime Fix+ SPF 30 Sun Spray, $28 and now available exclusively on Ulta's site before launching in Ulta stores on July 18, may just be the most ingenious iteration yet thanks to its multi-tasking formula that combines makeup-setting power and sun protection into one simple step.

Courtesy of MAC Cosmetics

The weightless formula delivers instant sun protection via a unique blend of powders and SPF that dries down on skin quickly to a soft, smooth, and clear finish — with no white cast or greasy, shiny residue left behind. The SPF included in the spray offers broad spectrum UVA and UVB coverage at a strength of 30, serving up protection against the damaging effects of sun exposure that can lead to signs of aging (aka hyperpigmentation, a blotchy, red complexion, and fine lines).

It's ideal for all skin tones, and has been tested by dermatologists and ophthalmologists to ensure it's effective and safe to use on even sensitive skin — it's even labeled as non-acnegenic, which means it's not likely to cause any breakouts. And because it's a setting spray at the end of the day, you can rest assured that MAC's new Prep + Prime Fix+ SPF 30 Sun Spray won't affect the wear or finish of your makeup. Whether you prefer a dewy finish or like a matte look, this spray won't impact your desired effect, but it will keep your face looking fresh all day.

And if you typically shirk SPF because you simply can't be bothered, you'll be glad to know this spray couldn't be easier to use. Simply spritz the sun protection product under or over your makeup, making sure to shake the bottle well before use to emulsify the SPF and powder for even application.

Practice safe sun this summer by snagging a bottle of MAC's new SPF spray below, or head to the brand's own site or select stores on August 5 and August 8, respectively.