These Are The Products MAC Artists Actually Buy At MAC

by Stephanie Montes

MAC artists know every makeup product and technique like the back of their hand—it’s literally their job. But what do they actually buy on off-duty shopping trips to the makeup counter? We were curious, too, so we polled seven MAC artists for the items they keep stocked in their pro kits. Ahead, the offerings they can’t live without that you should stock up on ASAP.


Artist Picks

"This romantic candlelit brown shadow serves as the perfect warm matte contour color and the best base for all of your favorite colorful trendy eyelid shades! Simply the best!"

Victor Cembellin

"Prep + Prime Fix Plus moisturizes the skin with just one spray and also helps bind makeup, allowing it to look like skin and not base."

Gisel Calvillo

"Just a few sprays and your skin is instantly radiant. It's packed full of antioxidants and marine extracts that also brighten and tighten skin. I won't do a makeup application without it."

Ashley Rudder

"This mascara brings the eyes to life—it lifts and creates beautiful, full and fluffy-looking lashes, does not run or flake and wears perfectly all day or night."

Louise Zizzo

"This is one of my faves because I can use it on men and women to soften their lips or add a beautiful sheen to their eyelids or cheekbones. I even mix it with pigment to create sheer washes of crystal texture for the eye, lips or cheeks."

Regan Rabanal

"Not only is this the most incredibly clean-smelling product, but this moisturizing vitamin elixir is your BFF after a hangover or a long flight. First and foremost, it adds a boost of hydration atop your basic moisturizer, but most importantly, it adds a luminous glow to skin. It's even my go-to for anyone over the age of 40 who is lacking volume in their cheeks—add a pea-size amount to the apples of the cheeks to make you appear ten years younger by giving skin a plumped-up look."

John Stapleton

"As a woman who likes to wear makeup and is prone to oily skin, I can't recommend Prep and Prime Skin Refined Zone enough. It clears my pores, controls oil, exfoliates and is easy and quick to apply. Just smooth over the face with clean fingertips (especially in the T-zone) after moisturizer and before makeup. It's undetectable and keeps my face matte all day."

Caroline Hernandez