MAC Cosmetics’ Second Underground Launch Is About To Start The Next Big Brow Trend

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Courtesy of MAC Cosmetics
MAC Cosmetics' newest Underground launch comes in the form of a brow gel.

Dewy is a word usually reserved for complexions sprinkled with brightening skincare products or coated in silky makeup, and it's not often you hear this term in the same sentence as the word eyebrows. But that satiny sheen is possible for your most expressive feature, and to achieve it, MAC Cosmetics' Fresh-Out-Of-The-Shower Brow Gel is on a mission to give you the brushed-out fluffy brows with a luminous finish you thought were only possible for those short few minutes post-towel dry.

In order to give your brows a dewy appearance, the formula consists of two different parts: the Self Love Brow Complex and Fresh Glow Elixir. The first gently sculpts and lifts your brow hairs into a naturally groomed shape, and the second scatters particles that catch the light — thus giving your brows a dewy finish in their own right.

But you'll have to wait until Oct. 5 to get what could be considered supple brows in a tube. It's going to be released through MAC Cosmetics' Underground program, a series of fresh, quickly innovated formulas that are launched in small quantities. According to a press release, it will be the second product in this line, and if trends are any indication of success, it will no doubt be a fan favorite.

Courtesy of MAC Cosmetics

The translucent formula follows Precious, a rainbow-sheen highlighter that was only produced in a batch of 1,000 and sold out in less than an hour. Like Underground's first launch, the brow gel seems to reflect consumer interests, and this one is really leaning into the fresh-faced appearance people are opting for over the super-sharp brows that used to dominate.

Courtesy of MAC Cosmetics

But if you are one who prefers a more defined brow, the brand suggests filling the area in with a MAC brow pencil for a look that toes the line of both worlds. While it's no doubt a makeup product, the gel certainly serves as more of a tool for working your brows into a formation you love.

MAC Cosmetics' newest brow-focused product will retail for $26, and MAC Lovers can officially scoop up the release starting Oct. 5 from its website. If you're not yet a member of its loyalty program, you can sign up for free online.

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