lululemon Just Released A Product That Cools You Down Post-Workout

lululemon's new Speed Up Cool Down Body Lotion refreshes you post-workout

There are minor inconveniences that come with working out. Figuring out where to put your phone when you have zero pockets, constantly fiddling with any non-wireless headphones, and sweat — just the entire concept of it. And while lululemon's new Speed Up Cool Down Body Lotion won't magically wick away each drop, the brand's latest skincare release is well on its way to earning a spot in your gym bag, stat. Launched at the beginning of October, the lotion is made with a blend of ingredients that both moisturize your skin and effectively cool it down, post-gym.

Or, as lululemon describes it on its Instagram page, the Speed Up Cool Down lotion is like "stepping into a fridge after a hot, sweaty workout." Two key ingredients — menthol-like menthone glycerin acetal and silky shea butter ethyl esters — work together to deliver to deliver an icy, refreshing gulp of water to your skin, all the while providing it with deep (yet surprisingly lightweight) hydration.

You get to choose how much you need, too: You can opt for the $34 full-sized bottle, or grab the $14 travel-sized option if you're planning on tossing it in a duffel bag and hitting the pavement. Either way, you'll be getting the latest invention from lululemon's Selfcare line, which has only been out and on the market since this June.

Courtesy of lululemon

Although each product from the Selfcare line serves a practical purpose — such as the No-Show Dry Shampoo or Anti-Stink Deodorants — the Speed Up Cool Down lotion's release could not have come at a better time. With winter right around the corner, the lotion will make transitioning from your cozy gym out into the blustery streets a breeze (no pun intended): It's quick to absorb, fighting through what lululemon calls your "sweat lag" — aka the 30-minute time period your body can sweat even after you've wrapped up your workout.

Courtesy of lululemon

Need another excuse to try it out? Besides its cooling effect, the lotion is also made from cruelty-free ingredients, with an in-depth description of each one available on lululemon's website. You can browse lululemon's entire Leaping Bunny-certified Selfcare line there as well, or just keep scrolling down to snag the new Speed Up Cool Down Body Lotion below.