Lucy Hale Dyed Her Hair The Dreamiest Shade Of Brown

Lucy Hale with her hair in a bob wearing an orange dress at a red carpet event

Sharing her latest look on Instagram with the caption, "diary of a girl who changes her hair a lot," Lucy Hale's new brown hair color doesn't come as a major shock to fans and followers. But although the 29-year-old switches up her hair constantly, the shade she debuted on Sun. is quite different from the golden-blonde highlights she's sported in recent weeks. Hale's glossy bob may very well be the color you show your hairstylist the next time you hit the salon.

The actor debuted her most recent hair transformation on Instagram on Sun. and gave credit to her go-to hairstylist, Kristin Ess. Although Hale tends to keep her shoulder-grazing length, her color choices are essentially unpredictable. The pair have collaborated on a multitude of hair looks in the past, ranging from bright blonde to rose gold. This time around, Ess opted for a dark chocolate tone that drew attention to Hale's fair skin, hazel-green eyes, and prominent, arched brows.

Rather than styling her choppy bob in loose waves or beachy bends, Ess showed off her deep, shiny color with a sleek blowout and a smooth middle part. Making sure her stick-straight hair didn't fall flat, Ess added just the right amount of texture along her roots to create a slightly voluminous finish.

Since she's tried almost every hair color in the book, sometimes Hale circles back to an old favorite like this one. In fact, the actor donned a similar coffee-brown hue last Sept. Playing with style "rules" isn't new to Hale, either, who went blonde for winter and darker just in time for spring.

Foregoing highlights in favor of a single color doesn't have to be boring, especially when you go for a dimensional, glossy shade like Hale's. Plus, showing off your shiny color can be easy, even without the help of a highly trained hair expert like Ess.


Although working with your colorist to master the perfect shade of brown is an important part of your color journey, it's only half the battle. It's just as important to maintain your hair's color and overall health once you get home. Use color-safe shampoos and conditioners, prep your hair with a heat protectant or oil before using any hot tools, and top it all off with a few spritzes of your favorite shine spray.

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