Lord Jones & Kristen Bell Are Teaming Up To Launch An Affordable CBD Skincare Line

Jim Spellman/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images
Actor Kristen Bell is launching a New CBD Skincare Line called Happy Dance

CBD has become a fixture in the beauty industry in the past couple of years, and for many reasons; it's often touted for relaxing muscles, soothing skin, and mellowing everything out. And latest to jump on the buzzy ingredient train is actor Kristen Bell, who's launching a CBD skincare line in partnership with industry favorite, Lord Jones, set to launch sometime fall 2020.

Officially announced on May 19 — with few details — the partnership isn't just a collaboration between Bell and Lord Jones; rather, it's an entirely new, accessibly priced, and hemp-derived line titled Happy Dance (with its own webpage and everything). While the team-up may be surprising at first, Bell has been interested in CBD — specifically Lord Jones — for more than two years now. “I first discovered Lord Jones CBD products two years ago and have been using them ever since,” said Bell in a press release. “I was skeptical at first, but was quickly blown away by the quality, integrity and consistency in all of the products."

Since Lord Jones has a lock on the luxury CBD market, after being the first brand to have CBD skincare available at Sephora in 2018, the company and Bell wanted Happy Dance to focus on more affordable CBD skin care. "When I met Lord Jones founders Rob and Cindy, we aligned on a shared desire to make a CBD line that would be accessible to a wider audience at a lower price point while maintaining the same trusted quality as the Lord Jones brand,” reads a quote from Bell.

And along with affordability comes another important aspect of what the line means for Bell: an avenue for self-care. “Self-care shouldn’t be an event,” said Bell. “Self-care should consist of everyday pick-me-ups that can be integrated into one’s daily routine.” Which, for Happy Dance, as stated in the press release, translates to "a collection of premium hemp-derived CBD-infused skincare and personal care products in easy-to-use formulations."

Time will only tell what exactly is in store for Happy Dance, but if Bell's skin is any indication, it'll probably be good.

Readers should note that laws governing cannabis, hemp and CBD are evolving, as is information about the efficacy and safety of those substances. As such, the information contained in this post should not be construed as legal or medical advice. Always consult your physician prior to trying any substance or supplement.