Kim Kardashian Went Back To Black Hair *Very* Fast After Her “Chocolate Brown” Debut

Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Changed up your hair color recently? If you did, you certainly wouldn't be alone, considering it seems like every day another celebrity is stepping out with fresh new strands. Just a mere couple of days ago, Kim Kardashian's brown hair provided particularly convincing inspiration to take the plunge with an unexpected shade, but as it turns out she's already made yet another change. If anything, it's proof that if there were ever a season to switch up your 'do, it's this one.

On Oct. 3, Kim Kardashian looked like she was indulging in some serious fall feels when she showed off a very seasonally-appropriate hair swap. As captured by her longtime hairstylist Chris Appleton on Instagram, the star modeled a seriously stunning shade of rich chocolate brown — a hue that's fittingly warm for the crisp autumnal weather (not to mention perfectly complementary for an earthy-toned wardrobe palette).

But Kardashian's no stranger to quick switches and frequent experimentations when it comes to her hair, so it's not too surprising to learn that she's already made a change once more. In fact, based on a post on her own Instagram handle on Oct. 7, it's now apparent that the brief but enviable chocolatey brown style was by way of a wig.

The color-shifting magic was executed by celebrity hair artist Chris Appleton, who frequently treats the tresses of Kardashian, Jennifer Lopez, Kylie Jenner, and Katy Perry (amongst other top celebs). Courtesy of his expertise, the multi-hyphenate is now back to rocking her signature nearly-black tresses — which, by the way, are no less appealing when it comes to hair color inspiration.

And she's not alone in selecting a rich, moody shade this season. Bella Hadid ended fashion month by debuting jet black locks (and an even shorter 'do), and Ashley Benson recently eschewed her typical blonde hair in favor of a deep fall-ready brown. Basically, if you've been itching to try out a deeper color, you can add Kardashian's luscious locks — in either shade, really — to your mounting pile of inspiration.

Before you take a seat in your own color stylist's salon chair, be sure you've got the color-protecting essentials to keep your rich new shade shining throughout the season. Start with these fan favorites, below.