This Kendall Jenner-Approved Manicure Is The Minimalist Way To Go Bold For Spring

Cindy Ord/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

You can always count on Kendall Jenner for some out-of-the-box style inspiration. Just like her fashion and makeup choices, the model's nails never fail to be slightly ahead of the game. So if you've been looking for a fresh yet understated way to rock one of 2019's most popular manicure crazes, the 23-year-old tastemaker has officially found it. Yep, Jenner's orange nails are the minimalist-approved way to rock the vibrant mani trend that's been popping up all over your Instagram feed.

It's no secret that bright, vivid colors are taking the beauty world by storm. Slime-green lids à la Selena Gomez and sunny-yellow eyeshadows like Gigi Hadid's have become the new norm in 2019, so it should come as no surprise that these fun, playful motifs have found their way into nail salons, too.

The spring season has witnessed a spike in bright, rainbow-colored polishes (which Jenner herself has already rocked), alongside unique, retro-inspired appliqués and designs (think: daisies and rhinestones). Jenner's latest mani, however, combines these two trends effortlessly.

On Weds., the model took to her Instagram Stories to show off her fresh orange manicure. Each nail featured a different design, but in the same mood-boosting hue. Her pointer finger had an orange tip, for example, while just half of her ring finger was coated in the citrusy lacquer.


For the minimalist searching for a fun mani, look no further than Jenner's. Her design feels just as playful as the rainbow trend, though it's slightly more streamlined thanks to the monochrome hue.

Though it may appear quite complex, Jenner's orange manicure is actually super simple to recreate. All you need is some tape and a bright-orange polish (though you can definitely pick a different color, too). Shop The Zoe Report's favorite Jenner-inspired lacquers, below.

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