Katie Holmes Used This Unexpected Lipstick To Style Spring 2020's Boldest Color Trend

Monica Schipper/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Is choosing a lipstick that'll perfectly complement your outfit one of the single most enjoyable parts of a makeup routine? Yes. Can it occasionally be incredibly confusing? Also yes. This isn't just limited to mulling over which shade of "nude" you feel like on any given day, either; some trendy colors — such as Spring/Summer 2020's newfound love, orange — can be challenging no matter what. But leave it to style icon Katie Holmes (or, more aptly, Katie Holmes' pink lipstick) to lead the way. The actor, director, and producer arrived at the American Ballet Theatre Fall Gala on Oct. 16 dressed in a monochromatic orange outfit finished with an unexpected pink lip you'll want to replicate ASAP.

And before you ask: Yes, Spring 2020's orange trend is well on its way. For her take, Holmes opted for an orange silk dress with Altuzarra's Alton Stone Button Trench from the designer's Resort 2020 collection (which is sadly already sold out) thrown over top. The ensemble's textures and tones played together well — the trench's orange shade is slightly dustier and more low key than the dress, while the frock adds a touch of red-carpet shimmer.

But the true star was Holmes' surprisingly pink lipstick. Pink? For lipstick? you may be thinking. Groundbreaking. But really, it is. Though its popularity can't be ignored, orange can be a difficult color to style, makeup wise; a bright red lip might compete with the already fiery color, while a nude color may disappear completely.

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Factor in just how many variations of pink there are, as well. Unlike a sheer shade that would've looked more like a natural, understated lip, the star's opaque, blush-colored pink lipstick strikes the perfect balance — standing up to the apricot outfit's bold shade while also giving it room to shine.

Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Even better? Chances are high that you already own a similar everyday pink in your very own collection. If not, then just keep scrolling down. Although Holmes hasn't shared the exact lipstick brand she opted for yet, below are four fresh pink lipsticks to choose from. Since, hey, you might just be wearing orange-on-orange outfits before you even know it.