Jessica Simpson’s Hair Colorist Reveals Why The Singer Just Went Bleach Blonde

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For evidence that subtle hair upgrades can be just as inspiration-worthy as major chops, look no further than Jessica Simpson's new bleach-blonde hair. The singer has officially gone from blonde to blonder, and there's a good chance you're going to want to follow suit. Although cold-weather season has commenced, Simpson's hair proves blonde hues are worth transitioning into fall.

Simpson debuted her latest hair color on Mon. with an Instagram post by celebrity colorist Rita Hazan. Hazan, who's worked with the likes of Beyoncé, Jennifer Lopez, and Britney Spears, tells The Zoe Report that her latest creation was inspired by a simple sentiment: the blonder the better

"[Jessica's] shade is bright and luminous. We all need a little bit of oomph in our lives right now," Hazan says via email. "A shimmery shade like this gives the illusion of having been in the sun and keeps some of the winter chill away."

Over the past few years, Simpson has opted for a golden shade of blonde with warm, honey highlights. While it may not look drastic, transitioning from a warm blonde to a cool-toned platinum can be extremely difficult, especially when you're working with harsh chemicals. Luckily, Hazan filled The Zoe Report in on a few easy tips to keep blonde hair healthy.

According to Hazan, the easiest way to keep bleached hair healthy is with "a good deep conditioning treatment and [an] anti-brass gloss." In fact, she treats Simpson's hair with her Weekly Remedy Treatment and Breaking Brass Gloss to keep the singer's hair strong and shiny.

Taking care of your hair doesn't only help with its texture, though. In addition to preventing breakage and dryness, masks and glosses can actually ensure that your color will last (read: they may just save you a few trips to the salon). "Healthy hair keeps color better, always," Hazan explains.

Simpson isn't the only celebrity opting for a brighter hue this season. Hair chameleon Lucy Hale debuted fresh blonde highlights on Tues., proving the celebrity set may be taking a step back from typical fall hues (think: deep blacks and rich browns).

If you plan on brightening up the colder, darker months this season with a Simpson-inspired hue, don't forget to keep in mind Hazan's tips for healthy hair. Ahead, shop The Zoe Report's favorite products for achieving — and maintaining — healthy, bleach-blonde hair.

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