Here’s How To Wear Neon Eye Makeup, According To Chrissy Teigen

Rodin Eckenroth/FilmMagic/Getty Images
How to wear neon eye makeup, according to Chrissy Teigen

Chrissy Teigen is known for many things: her modeling career, her marriage to singer John Legend, her undeniable wit. And now, it seems the ever-growing list should include makeup, because Teigen mastered how to wear neon eye makeup in a single week. Showcased in a slew of recent Instagram posts, the model sported not one, not two, but three neon looks, and it's all the inspiration you'll need to hop on the trend.

The trend being, of course, neon. The '80s highlighter hues have been everywhere this summer from swimsuits to shirts, but most notably in makeup. Brands such as Anastasia Beverly Hills and NYX dabbled in neons with new eyeliners and eyeshadow palettes while celebs have turned to the colors for ultimate quarantine looks (hello, Tracee Ellis Ross). It's not hard to see why; neons are fun and exciting — especially during a time when face masks are required and eye makeup is all anyone can see.

While there are many ways to adopt the trend, Teigen's three iterations are not only cute but easy, too. And though, yes, two of her looks were done by professional makeup artist Kristine Studden, anyone can recreate these neon moments. Below, a closer look at Teigen's neon eye makeup, plus some products to get you started.

How To Wear Neon Eye Makeup: Yellow Inner Corners

Yellow may be one of the most traditional neon colors, but Teigen shows how to wear it in an untraditional way: on the inner corner of your eye. The shade acts like a *bright* highlight, and by pairing it with a standard brown across the lid, like Teigen, it pops even more. When it comes to matching the neon to your outfit, it is optional, yet clearly very acceptable.

How To Wear Neon Eye Makeup: Pink Shadow

If you're going to go with something as bold as neon, why not put it everywhere? Sweep it across your lid and under your bottom lash line for a monochrome look that is as effortless as it seems. Plus, using a highlighter pink shade for this is a great way to incorporate neon without feeling like it's too out of bounds.

How To Wear Neon Eye Makeup: Orange Eyeliner

For those who truly just want a taste of neon, opt for it as your eyeliner hue. Because chances are you already know how to define your top lash line, and all this takes is doing so in a different color like orange. You can keep it simple, as Teigen does, with a straight line or go dramatic with a bold cat eye.