This 2-Second Trick Will Make Your Outfits Instantly Polished

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It's an undisputed fact: Oprah's seal of approval is really the only approval that matters. So when the icon reposted a video of actor Brie Larson teaching her about Queer Eye's Tan France and his expert take on how to tuck in a shirt, the fashion trick fell back on everyone's radar. Fans of the show are well acquainted with the style expert's affinity for the French tuck (a half-in-half-out styling), but to have Oprah on board takes things to a whole new level. (By the way, after Larson explained her France-inspired trick, Oprah replied that she'd never seen it look that good before — slay!)

Suffice it to say, 2019 is a good year to go back to style basics and perfect your French tuck along with whatever other stylings are worth keeping in your repertoire. Because some tops bode better with certain tucks than others, it's a good idea to take note of the different ways to wear your blouse with a pair of pants or skirt so you can quickly polish up your look. Ahead, see the four top ways to tuck your top into your bottoms from your favorite influencers who consistently refresh the outfit inspiration game, and shop your favorites to start perfecting your very own polished styling, be it French or otherwise.

Tuck And Blouse

If you're looking to feel polished but also slightly laid back, a tuck-and-blouse approach is the best choice. Slip into your top first and then once you've layered on your pants or skirt, lightly tug your blouse or tee upward a smidge. If you're worried about it puckering the fabric then lift your hands over your head and twist your torso a few times for a more natural effect.

Front (Or "French") Tuck

Follow Tan France's every-so-savvy style advice and experiment with a French tuck. Simply take the front portion of your top and loosely tuck it into your pants or skirt while leaving the back undone. If the contrast between the tucked and untucked portions looks too different, try folding under the fabric as you move away from the belt buckle to help blend the proportions.

All-Around Tuck

A quick and easy way to accentuate your waistline and look polished is going the route of tucking all the way in. This works best with blouses that are slightly slimmer in silhouette and with high-waisted skirts or pants to accompany; it's also a perfect approach if you're wearing a fitted tee and want to dress it up quickly. To pull it off, just be sure to put on your top before your pants so there are less creases to begin with.


If you're working with a button-down shirt and want to try something that feels fresh, consider unbuttoning your blouse a few buttons and tucking in only one tail of your top. Try this trick out with a pair of roomy linen trousers and slide sandals or a midi skirt and the season's beloved '90s-inspired strappy sandals.

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