6 Celebrity-Approved Ways To Style Grown-Out Bangs If You Can’t Bring Yourself To Cut Them

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Kerry Washington is the queen of using hair clips to hide her grown-out bangs

Isn't it funny how a cut that takes as little as 15 minutes can hijack your hairstyle for years to come? Perhaps the greatest, most widely understood beauty rut of our time is the one you fall into when you're growing out fringe, but with the sudden trendiness of curtain bangs and hair accessories, the process is becoming slightly less painstaking these days. How to style grown-out bangs (the non-awkward way), ahead.

Everyone from Bella Hadid to Miley Cyrus is debuting DIY fringe on Instagram lately, tempting the rest of us to take a pair of kitchen shears to our own hair. At times, the desire for a major change can cloud our rationality — i.e. that part of you that remembers all too well the trauma of the last time you went through the unforgiving process of growing out bangs.

If you happen to find yourself there again, there are a few things you can do: First, pray that your stylist will in due time forgive you, second, channel your inner Brigitte Bardot and embrace them, or third, stock up on hair accessories stat. Here are six celebrity-approved hairstyles to help you through it.

Hide Them Behind A Headband

Shaggy curtain bangs are a staple in Alexa Chung's aesthetic, but the model also knows how to hide them for fringe-free days. She loves to pull her wispy pieces back into fun clips and headbands like this.

Tight Twin Buns

Yara Shahidi is another one who has resorted to trimming her own hair lately (and posting video evidence for all of the internet to see). On days when she just can't manage the curly bangs, she turns to her longtime secret weapon: twin buns.

High Half Pony

It's taken 20-some years, but the '90s half pony — in which you rake your bangs back tightly and secure them high with a scrunchie, Beyoncé style — is trending again. Jennifer Lopez herself has been using this hairstyle to keep her curtain bangs out of her face.

Clipped With Barrettes

Hair clips are the holy grail of overgrown bang accessories and they're everywhere these days. Minimalists will appreciate Dua Lipa's simplistic take while maximalists will find the sparklier variety and wear 20 simultaneously.

Braided Back

One of the best medicines for a bad bang day — or a bad hair day in general — is a classic French braid. Once your fringe gets long enough, you can weave it right into a pretty plait à la Kerry Washington.

Embrace Them

When all else fails, put the bells and whistles away and just embrace them. Accidental as it may be, the shaggy look is indeed trending and you'll be the epitome of '70s chic with bangs down to your cheekbones.

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