The $30 Item That’ll Get Good Energy Flowing Into Your Home


With spring in the air, it's finally time to de-clutter and clean out the corners that have been collecting dust. But as you toss stacks of junk mail and worn-out jeans, have you ever wondered whether the energy in your home should follow the "out with the old and in with the new," mindset, too? Luckily, figuring out how to purify your home can be easily done, and in more ways than one.

Whether your abode holds bittersweet memories or you simply want to stir up some stagnant air, this year, take into account your emotional wellbeing as you work to refresh your dwelling. And if you really want to air things out — especially post-heartbreak or hardship— anxiety coach Amanda Huggins says it's time to upgrade your spring cleaning routine.

Here's why: "The truth is, energy is palpable," she explains. "Think about when someone who's in a bad mood walks into a room — you can feel their bad mood. We leave energetic 'footprints' everywhere we go, [so] after a breakup, a bad roommate situation, or even a rough couple of personal months, it's important to cleanse the space energetically to 'mark' a new beginning.”

Ahead, two mental and spiritual health gurus give their advice on purifying your place this season. From practical organizing tips to facilitating an energy detox, you can incorporate these suggestions into your own spring cleaning routine — no matter where you fall on the skepticism spectrum.

Clear Away Clutter


While tossing old junk is a natural part of any spring cleaning routine, Sydney Holland, co-founder of the crystal company The Urban + The Mystic, points out that tidying your space makes a spiritual impact, too. "The most important aspect of spring cleaning is to realize that it’s not just about getting organized," she explains. "Having clutter around you is draining. Nature teaches this best: When you prune a tree or plant, it gets a burst of vitality and grows. You are no different, and by cutting away what’s energetically dead and no longer serving you, you will grow because you’ve now got the space to do so."

Remove Bad Memories

Still hanging on to your ex's old sweatshirt? Now's the time to dump it. Anxiety coach Amanda Huggins points out that anything that dredges up bad feelings should be added to the "give away" pile. "First, it's important to clear the space of any residual memories of a [negative] person or period of time," she recommends.

Further, Huggins mentions that rearranging your space can give it some fresh perspective, especially if a toxic partner or roommate has recently moved out. "Not only is the act of rearranging cathartic on an emotional level, it also gives you an opportunity to create room for more energetic flow," she says. "For example: Where can you create wider, open spaces? Where can you let more light in? Where can you de-clutter? Your external situation always represents your internal state; the more flowy and comfortable your abode is, the more likely you are to feel the same way on an internal and emotional level."

After you've settled on a new floor plan, add colorful decor like rugs and throw pillows to complete your new and improved space.

Cleanse The Atmosphere

Burning sage to cleanse the atmosphere — a process known as "smudging" — dates back to ancient times. And while the new age-y ritual is traditionally thought to expel bad energy, science says the practice can actually kill airborne bacteria.

When it comes to spiritual deep cleaning, both Holland and Huggins use sage regularly. "Sage will help wipe the energetic slate clean," says Holland. "Pro tip: When [smudging] any space, it’s helpful to open a door or window, then sage each room in a counterclockwise rotation, hitting the doors and doorways, as negative energy can build up there."

"The thought is that the dense sage smoke can capture bad energy and release it as it ascends and disappears into the air above," adds Huggins. "When connected with a specific intention of energetic cleansing, watching the smoke build and dissipate also serves as a powerful visual for the release of what no longer serves you."

Attract Positive Energy

Once you've rid yourself (and your home) of physical and spiritual gunk, Holland says some handpicked crystals can help attract positivity back into your life. "[There are] three stones that truly everyone should own," she begins. "Black tourmaline for protection, amethyst for good vibes and connecting you to your intuition, and rose quartz, the stone of unconditional love. Protection, joy and love are three energies that no space should be without." And if you're healing from heartbreak? "Pink tourmaline is a very powerful stone to heal heart trauma, and rhodochrosite will help keep your heart open to love."

If you're skeptical as to whether or not crystals can clear your home of bad vibes (heck, you use a jade roller, don't you?) at the very least, these shiny stones can make for some stunning decor.

Add Some Greenery


Huggins notes that nothing cheers up a room like bringing a bit of nature indoors. "I'm on an enormous plant kick lately," she says. "Not only can beautiful leafy greens brighten up an apartment and make your space feel more home-y, certain plants (like peace lilies and spider plants) naturally purify the air. Bye, stale energy!"

Incorporate Candles

Nothing says "ambiance" like the soft glow of candles, plus their scents complete the sensory experience you want to create in your home. "I can't recommend candles enough," says Huggins. "I have a mix of 'fixed' candles (ones that have been blessed or pre-set with an intention from a healer), and a few straight-up Target candles. At the end of the day, it's preference: Choose what you feel will authentically aid in your relaxation."

Create A Nook

Africa Studio/Shutterstock

In the midst of de-cluttering, purifying, and re-arranging, Huggins suggests creating a mini sanctuary that will help you maintain your spiritual wellbeing. "It's important to create a 'you' space that isn't your bed, where it's easy to get sucked into a Netflix binge or marathon nap session," she says. "I've created a little meditation station in a corner of my room — it probably takes up about two square feet at most — and it's my favorite nook to retreat to. I have a meditation cushion, my journal, crystals, and some yummy candles all stashed away. Having a little spot for me (however small it might be) feels special and has been much more conducive for meditations. It's a spot that I want to be in!"

Now this nook doesn't necessarily need to be meditation or even spiritual in focus. It can just be a quiet place to read, journal, or enjoy a glass of wine. Further, Huggins adds, "You don't need a big budget or an enormous apartment to create a sacred or calming space. My studio is arranged to be very comfortable, inviting, and spacious — even though it's only about 400 square feet!"