8 Easy Layering Tips Fashionable Women Always Use During Winter

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Darrel Hunter
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Right now, winter is festive, the lights are sparkling, and your cozy staples still feel novel. But, you've been through it enough times that you know there's a wretched point — usually a few weeks after the holidays — when the cold weather really comes to town and outfit burnout slowly seeps in. If you've found yourself in past years surrendering to life in a shin-length puffer and rain boots, then surely you could use a few new tricks around how to layer for winter in a way that still feels fashion forward. And no, this doesn't mean throw away or burn the down coat, but rather, employ fresh takes on layering and accessorizing your cold-weather staples. That way, when an occasion arises when you want to take your look up a notch, you can do so in stride.

A useful layering tip usually involves picking out two to five pieces you might usually wear solo, and coordinate them in a subtly ingenious way. A few simple places to start: a scarf tied in a certain shape, a blouse worn with clever separates, or a trendy piece styled not how everyone else does. As exemplified below, each of these concepts is a small-but-mighty booster that can translate to several different outfits, rendering each more interesting than before. It's quite nifty. Ahead, eight layering ideas to get the wheels turning, as illustrated by experts including Camille Charriere, Tamu McPherson, and Pernille Teisbaek.

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New Layering Tricks: Scarf Meets Coat

Darrel Hunter

The brilliance of this layering trick is that it's so simple. For those days when the mere sight of your coat sends you into a panic, reach for your favorite silk scarf and drape it over the back of your outerwear. It's low-key but really packs a punch. Also, a pair of gold hoops and over-the-knee boots don't hurt.

New Layering Tricks: The Reliable Trifecta

Darrel Hunter

If you're new to the whole layering thing and want a few easy-peasy combinations to test drive, the above always does the trick. Start with a crisp button-down shirt (usually white, but you make the rules), followed by a sweater (can be fitted or loose, depending on the mood), finish off with a cool trench coat or anorak. Et voila! You could wear this with jeans or ankle-crop trousers.

New Layering Tricks: Collars Out

Darrel Hunter

You know that cute polo sweater trend you've been eyeing everywhere? Put it to good use with this effortlessly layered look above. Take the collars on your sweater and drape them over a layered trench coat and plaid blazer for a polished pairing. Below, relaxed denim and loafers ought to work well.

New Layering Tricks: Big Coat, Small Top

One of the more challenging aspects of getting dressed during the winter is finding a way to stay warm while feeling cute. Above, Tamu McPherson illustrates the effectiveness of tossing on a huge quilted coat with wide-leg pants (warm, check and check), but styling the two with a cropped top. This could be an of-the-moment sweater vest or whatever alluring layering you have in mind for the occasion.

New Layering Tricks: On-the-Go Collar

Sort of like a dickey but way cooler, Ganni's detachable collars were destined for new layering trick territory. This iteration in denim is particularly versatile because it could go with any other color, pattern, or texture. Wear yours over a chunky cardigan to start.

New Layering Tricks: Leather Weather

Edward Berthelot/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Leather blazers are making their way around the trend circuit this season and the classic, cool piece looks especially strong when layered with a turtleneck underneath, pendant necklace on top, and beret above. Finish with a pair of roomy plaid slacks.

New Layering Tricks: Oh Hey, Soirée

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If you're the kind that's always on the lookout for that new perfect party look, search no more. While large gatherings are a no-no at the moment, that certainly doesn't mean you can't celebrate the holiday season wearing something splashy. The key piece here is the sheer, bejeweled skirt. Once you have that ready, finish off the look with knitwear and a belt. While in transit, toss a noir coat over the outfit.

New Layering Tricks: Nod To Nostalgia

Who doesn't live for a little collegiate-inspired fashion action? Test drive this look from Pernille Teisbaek simply by layering a thin jumper under a check shift dress. On the accessory front, ankle socks and loafers are a charming match, as is a unique beret.

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