The Unexpected Thing Your Hairstylist Wants You To Stop Doing In Quarantine

Sara Jaye Weiss/Shutterstock

The comfort in missing our hairstylists is knowing that they miss us just as much, too. Without access to space, new treatments, and salon-grade tools, everything feels a bit boring... not to mention the financial strain that the beauty industry is facing, given the regulations that prevent clients from booking appointments and salons from opening. So with more time on their hands at home, celebrity hairstylists are now finding plenty of time to experiment with ways to ways to care for their own hair during COVID-19.

"If you are a novice this is your time to have some fun," Ursula Stephen, hairstylist to stars like Zendaya, Rihanna, and Bebe Rexha, tells The Zoe Report. "This is the best time to try treatments that require dedication or tools and require time to figure out.

But rather than opting for styles that have red carpet appeal, stylists are veering toward those that put hair health first, and convenience second — think braids, low-cuts, and air-dried beach waves. Ahead, check out what five celebrity hairstylists are doing for their hair these days, and their tips to coming out of social distancing with thriving hair.

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Chris Appleton, Los Angeles

"I recently buzzed my hair and it’s pretty short, so I'm currently growing it out trying to get some length," the Los Angeles-based hairstylist, whose clients include Kim Kardashian and Jennifer Lopez says. "Plus, I just bleached my roots at home as it's been growing out and was looking like a tennis ball!"

Pro tip: "I would recommend giving yourself a blow out to start the week off feeling good about yourself," he says. "I recommend using the Dyson Dryer and the new Tangle Teaser Ultimate Vented Hairbrush. It makes blow drying fast and easy and gives a nice smooth finish. It's my go-to brush right now."

Ursula Stephen, New York City

"I typically wear my hair many ways," Stephen says. "I change my hair every three to four months, so this has been an adjustment. These days, I’ve been wearing knotless box braids, which makes the most sense during quarantine."

And while her hair is protected in braids, Stephen focuses on keeping her natural hair hydrated with a leave-in. "This helps to keep my hair hydrated, and the spray nozzle help the reach every braid," she says.

Pro Tip: "I don’t think this is the time to try at home cuts and color. This is the time to practice regimes new ingredients and styling techniques."

Kristin Ess, Los Angeles

Lately, Ess is into old-school Hollywood waves. "I haven’t worn my hair like this in a billion years but IF NOT NOW, WHEN I GUESS," she wrote in an Instagram post. (Because, mood.)

Pro Tip: "If you absolutely need a cut or color, then I recommend reaching out to your stylist to see if a virtual appointment is an option — which is also a great way to financially support your go-to stylist at this time!" the hairstylist, who works with Lucy Hale and Jenna Dewan, says. "They could walk you through the steps most appropriate for your hair type, color, texture, and possibly even send a small kit for you to use."

Felicia Leatherwood, Los Angeles

"I typically wear my hair short, short, short," Leatherwood, Issa Rae's go-to hairstylist says. "I like my hair in a Caesar cut, close to my head because it's easy, looks good with anything I wear and I don't have to think about what to do with my hair next."

Pro Tip: "Create a hair calendar, this will help you develop a regimen or routine with your hair so that you can see healthier results," she says. "Have a day of the week that you shampoo and deep condition your hair, as well as three hairstyles lined up that are your simple go-to styles until you are ready to play around with your hair." And you can tune in live to see Leatherwood show off her skills live if you're more of a visual learner. "I have a four-week course called 'Get Cute While Quarantined with Felicia Leatherwood,' that I do on Zoom every Saturday at 1:00 P.M. PST."

David Mallett, Paris


"The naturally-undone bedroom look is always how I wear my hair," Mallett, whose clients include Carla Bruni and Kate Winslet, notes. "The only difference during the world of quarantine is that during the day, I add my styling cream as a leave-in conditioner as it stops the hair looking from looking soft and fuzzy. I apply it on the morning and leave it in for 12 hours. A full day sit, so to speak."

Pro Tip: "If you have bleached hair, just wait to do anything to avoid disaster," he says. "If you have a light to medium brown hair color, you can apply a light color to the roots but do not apply through the ends. Pop a conditioner on the ends whilst you’re doing it and rinse quickly. For highlights, again, this is something that really should be avoided and wait until you can get back to the salon."

Adriana Tesler, Los Angeles

"I always think that simple and tasteful is the way to go," Tesler, whose clients include Rita Wilson and Nicki Hilton says. "On any given day, I love a beautiful blow-dry. This effortless look is always a safe bet." However, these days Tesler is opting for something a bit more low-maintenance. "The quarantine has made things harder at home, especially with having to attend to my kids and my house all day," she says. "To take care of my hair in the short amount of time that I have, I let it air-dry, then I use a flat iron and create smooth effortless waves, which give my hair movement and body. This makes me feel back to normal since I don’t always have time for a blow-dry. The entire routine takes me 9 minutes, and it makes me feel like a human again! My go-to products right now are from the Davines line. Not only are they great products, but they’re also vegan."

Pro Tip: "Condition your hair once a week, using either a mask or a hot oil conditioning treatment that you can leave in your hair all day in a bun and wash it off at night," she says. And although we all have a habit of pulling our hair away from out faces these days, try to minimize how often. "Even though it’s easy to wear your hair up, try not to do it every day, because it pulls on your hair and can break it."

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