Jennifer Lopez's Hairstylist Swears By This $28 Product For An At-Home Blowout


You don't have to click on TMZ for some of the best and most-exclusive celebrity photos... just go on Chris Appleton's instagram. The celebrity hairstylist, who's had a passion for hair since the age of 8, is the man behind the manes of Jennifer Lopez, Kim Kardashian, and Dua Lipa, among others. With such a star-studded roster, the stylist, 36, has undoubtedly picked up some helpful tips along the way... and Chris Appleton's favorite hair products are the tools to achieve them. "You can make people look and feel really good," Appleton tells TZR. "Hair is almost like emotional medicine in a way. You can really change someone’s day."

Change, however, is a concept that Appleton is ambivalent on. "Nowadays, someone will do something that becomes a trend for a minute," he explains. "Social media has made everything change so quickly. I think people always want something different on a daily or weekly basis." Which is why the stylist is a fan of classic and timeless looks, all done with his secret weapons. See three of the styles ahead.

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Chris Appleton's Favorite Hairstyles: Bouncy Half-Up

To get this look seen on J.Lo back in January, Appleton notes to focus on the hair prep. "It’s the way you dry the hair, and how you curl it with a curling iron," he notes. He goes the extra mile by using two different-sized hot tools. "I’ll usually curl it with a smaller iron and then go in with a larger curling iron," Appleton explains, noting that the larger iron helps stretch the curl out. After, he recommends brushing it out for more volume.

His must-have product to get the Lopez-approved finish? Color Wow's Styling on Steriods. "It’s a great texturizing spray to give the hair some hold and grip, while locking the look in," Appleton, the brand's global creative director, says.

Chris Appleton's Favorite Hairstyles: Beachy Mermaid Waves

For this style, it's important to not confuse the process with curling. "This uses kind of an old-school technique where I bend the hair one way, and then the opposite way, alternating backwards and forwards to create that undone kind of wave," Appleton says. To get this ripple effect, he uses a marcel iron.

Chris Appleton's Favorite Hairstyles: Frizz-Free Blowout

Because warmer weather equates to humidity, which further equates to frizz, Appleton combats flyaways with Colorwow's Dream Coat Supernatural Spray during prep. "On wet hair, it saturates the hair and gives it a protective layer, which stops the humidity from affecting the style," he says. Bonus points: It gives hair a glassy finish, too. But ultimately, technique makes all the difference. "When you dry the hair, make sure it's completely dry and not slightly damp so the humidity doesn’t get it," he adds.