How Walking My Dog Saved My Wardrobe

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Although I love her dearly, my 2-year-old terrier mix Molly is possibly one of the most over-pampered dogs in the Los Angeles area. As a single dog-mom who lives alone, I've devoted the past couple years to giving her the best possible life: she dines on pricey raw and organic dog food, has way too many toys, has a doggy play date every week, and gets four walks a day. Yes, four. And while this may seem excessive, I'm actually incredibly grateful as my dog-walking outfits have saved my quarantine wardrobe from being completely consistent of sweats and workout attire.

While it's completely possible to walk one's dog in the aforementioned sweatpants and workout ensembles (and I definitely do from time to time), I usually attempt to make an effort to put on some semblance of a decent outfit. Why? Well, the lure and ease of elastic waist pants, oversized tees, and comfy sports bras can be too great for the weak — if I surrender I'll literally never wear anything else. So, that's why I like to make a conscious effort daily to dust off the cute separates and accessories in my closet that haven't gotten much action during this non-social summer.

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And, with so many celebrity dog-parents in the world, it's not hard to get fresh inspiration for my outings with Molly. While everyone is frantically following the Fall 2020 collection drops, I'm making mental notes of Ana De Armas' dog-walking appearances. Shameful, but true.

To give you some insight into my dog-mom psyche, ahead, three outfits I keep on rotation, inspired by my favorite fur-mom celebs.

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Dog Walking Outfits: Chrissy Teigen

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Chrissy Teigen's dog walks with any of her three pups (Petey, Pippa, and Penny) are inspiring in that she manages to strike the perfect balance of comfortable and chic. I love this look that includes roomy harem pants, a comfy basic tee or tank, and a sleek hat to top things off — and make it look like you tried.

Dog Walking Outfits: Ana De Armas


Ana de Armas has been a street style queen of late, thanks in large part to her frequent outings with dog Elvis (pictured) and, of course, Ben Affleck. I love that she's not afraid to whip out a floaty summer dress for her dog walks — when else are you gonna have the opportunity to dress up in these times?

Dog Walking Outfits: Emily Ratajkowski

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Arguably the most fashionable dog mom, Emily Ratajkowski has been making waves with her perfectly put-together walking ensembles since she adopted her pup Columbo. One of my favorite EmRata dog-walking formulas to date is her take on monochromatic suits. For the warm summer weather (and transition to fall), I opt for a linen short suit set to keep things airy and cool.

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