Henry Rose Has Channeled Its Best-Selling Scents Into Candles, Body Creams, & More

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Courtesy of Henry Rose
Henry Rose just added home and body care categories to its core fine fragrances
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Just because a perfume smells like jasmine and honeysuckle doesn't mean it derives from jasmine and honeysuckle, per se. The fragrance industry is sadly not known for grinding garden-grown botanicals with a mortar and pestle. More often, flacons contain a tragic cocktail of unromantic alcohol and oils, presumably blended by someone in a lab coat. Recently, though, Michelle Pfeiffer (yes, that Michelle Pfeiffer) has challenged the industry with Henry Rose, creator of fine fragrances and several other new categories.

Hollywood has indeed bred an infinite number of celebrity-founded perfumes and colognes over the years, but Pfeiffer's is different in that it provides 100 percent ingredient transparency. Meaning: Each aroma compound is listed in detail (including its common name, what it smells like, whether it's plant-derived or a "safe synthetic," etc.) on the brand's website.

The actor has said she avoided wearing perfume for a whole decade, waiting to run across one not riddled with toxins and chemicals before throwing in the towel and making her own. Henry Rose is now on track to almost triple its business by the end of the year, having introduced a slew of new home and body products in addition to its seven core fragrances.

Courtesy of Henry Rose

"We're expanding our offering in a way that feels natural and authentic to our brand, and a lot of these products have actually come at the request of our customers," Pfeiffer told The Zoe Report. "We want people to be able to integrate Henry Rose into their entire personal care and wellness routine."

October's newcomers include body cream in the beloved scents of Queens & Monsters (petitgrain and sandalwood with a hint of freesia) and Jake's House (honeyed neroli paired with soft musk); plant-based candles and diffusers, the latter available for pre-order, in Jake's House and Torn (vanilla bean plus vetiver root); and a very timely alcohol-based Jake's House hand sanitizer to round out the expansion.

Like the fine fragrances for which the brand is known, all products are made without havoc-wreaking parabens, phthalates, formaldehyde, and carcinogens, and detailed ingredients lists for each can be found on HenryRose.com.

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