Henry Rose Just Launched Its 7th Fragrance & It’s The Perfect Summer-To-Fall Scent

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Henry Rose's seventh fragrance features a mix of green apple and musk.

There's always that awkward time between summer and fall where your wardrobe and beauty routine become confusing. It's the part of the year where neon eyeshadow feels out of place but so does a smoky eye. And it gets especially confusing when it comes to fragrances. You can neither wear your best popsicle-scented perfume nor the one you choose for pumpkin patch dates. You need a middle ground, and the launch of Henry Rose's new Smyth fragrance is the perfect option for helping you straddle the line between seasons.

Released on July 13, the newest addition to Henry Rose's collection comes in both a 50-milliliter bottle for $120 and a smaller 8-milliliter rollerball that you can get for $50. Its scent is largely comprised of granny smith apple and other fruity splashes like melon-pineapple sorbet and apricot, but it's the different dry notes, which include white woods, sandalwood, and musk, that make it far more interesting.

Michelle Pfeiffer, actor and founder of Henry Rose, selected a blend of scents for the brand's seventh fragrance that — somewhat unexpectedly — work really well together. "With Smyth, we wanted to strike the balance between a fresh, fruity top note that slowly unravels to a subtle, deep layering of sheer white woods. It was important to have that crisp scent of apple that eventually settles into more of a musk," she tells The Zoe Report in an email.

This musky result is what carries Smyth from a summer fragrance to one that works well into fall for anyone. "The formula took some time, but we eventually found the right mix. We worked with Yves Cassar, Vice President Senior Perfumer at IFF, and he really loved the genderless aspect of a granny smith apple, and since Henry Rose is genderless, this fragrance really felt like the perfect expansion of our line," says Pfeiffer.

Courtesy of Henry Rose

Aside from the uniquely versatile scent, Smyth, and Henry Rose as a whole, stand out from other fragrance brands because of its dedication to excluding potentially harmful ingredients, like ethylene glycol and acetone, found in most perfumes and colognes. You won't find endocrine disruptors, parabens, phthalates, and carcinogens in any of the brand's products and each scent has to pass strict guidelines that are put out by the Environmental Working Group and Cradle to Cradle Products Innovation Institute.

You can shop all of the brand's genderless fragrances through Henry Rose's website, and view its newest fragrance, below.

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