Courtesy of Grow Fragrance

Grow Fragrance's New Candles Are The First To Be Certified Plant-Based & Toxin-Free


One doesn't normally think, upon lighting the wick of their most soul-quenching lavender and cedarwood candle, about the toxic carcinogens with which it could be filling their precious abode. Despite their delightful aromas, scented candles are notorious for emitting nocuous gases, but the first-ever certified plant-based, toxin-free candle, courtesy of Grow Fragrance, has just been added to the market.

Nowadays, you'll find just about every wellness brand labeling their candle jars with "soy" to keep consumers from confusing their contents with the highly toxic early ingredient known as paraffin wax, a byproduct of petroleum. The concept of using the same ingredient for both candles and diesel oil may seem archaic in the ever health-conscious era of today; however, cheap offerings of "soy blend" alternatives are often still mixed with the stuff, and their fumes have been linked to lung cancer and asthma.

So, Grow Fragrance created a category of its own. The brand has just supplemented its debut line of from-the-earth air freshener sprays with a trio of autumnal candles that are the first certified plant-based and toxin-free variety the fragrance industry has ever seen. And their aluminum containers are commercially recyclable, as a bonus.

The candles are a blend of soy wax, coconut wax, and plant extracts, featuring a lead-free, unbleached cotton wick. They come in seasonally appropriate Ginger Pumpkin, Pear Cider, and Amber Santal scents for $34 apiece (or two for $60), which includes a decorative concrete vessel that you can later replenish with a $22 refill.

The brand, launched in 2018 with air and fabric sprays, takes a radical farm-to-table approach to home fragrances, a market which it claims is 99 percent composed of synthetic, petroleum-based ingredients.

"We combine perfumery expertise with an unrivaled commitment to using only the purest, plant-based ingredients, to offer home fragrance that's safer and more natural, without compromising on beautiful scent," the brand's website says. The unprecedentedly clean candles are available now on

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