Hailey Bieber Just Debuted The Most Low-Maintenance Hair Color

Marc Piasecki/GC Images/Getty Images
Hailey Bieber just dyed her hair a warm golden blonde color

Lockdown was a lesson for all in embracing our natural hair colors, and none eased back into their biological hue more gracefully than the ever-unruffled Hailey Bieber. The blonde exemplar had been slowly but conspicuously settling into darker shades until a recent Cassondra Kaeding dye job U-turned her aesthetic yet again. Nevertheless, even with a fresh coat of honey blonde, Hailey Bieber's new hair color is still decidedly quarantine-friendly.

Lately, the Baldwin heiress has assumed a refreshingly minimalistic hands-off approach to her overgrown roots, a phenomenon which has caused widespread panic since the early days of the pandemic. While others inundated the hair color aisle of their nearest big box store — promptly adding at-home dye to the growing list of national supply shortages — Bieber played it characteristically cool. She did what many didn't have the guts to do: embrace the roots.

Then an Instagram post from celebrity colorist Cassondra Kaeding unveiled a new golden shade on the 23-year-old. The fresh hue made its debut via two high ponytails, lowlights gleaming ethereally in the sunlight. Roots seamingly out of sight. But not to worry, a subsequent outing in Los Angeles confirmed that Bieber's now-signature lived-in look has, indeed, been preserved.

Although Bieber's tips have been lightened up to a warm honey-like color — a departure from her usual cool blonde — her roots remain dark. Kaeding told Vogue she used Redken's Shades EQ gloss to reduce the stark dark-to-light contrast and create a more gradient ombré look.

"You will be seeing a lot of clients embracing their natural and moving to a color that is less maintenance," Kaeding told Vogue. "This is because the opening and closing of salons has been so uncertain."

Even if another wave of the pandemic keeps Bieber at home for months on end, her hair will still be Instagram-ready throughout with this root-embracing shade. The model took it out for a spin on Wednesday wearing a bralette, oversized blazer, Daisy Dukes, and rubber Bottega Veneta boots, simply radiating LA coolness from the tip of her head to the toes of her shoes.