Goop Beauty Launched A Pretty New Body Luminizer & It’s Going To Majorly Simplify Your Skincare Routine

Goop Beauty

Despite all its strengths, summer presents a very singular, season-specific issue: How to spend as little time getting ready as possible (so as to get outside with friends faster), while still maintaining a gorgeous just-back-from-the-spa glow. The answer is a lineup of multi-tasking products that cut down on time in front of the bathroom mirror, without cutting back on the level of luminosity you obviously want this summer. And since the warmer season means you'll be showing more skin, this standard should extend to your body care, too — so be sure to snag yourself a bottle of Goop Beauty's new GOOPGLOW Body Luminizer.

When it comes to creating incredibly glowy skin, Goop Beauty knows a thing or two. The non-toxic, clean line is all about cultivating that lit-from-within look, and even has a GOOPGLOW range of products dedicated to the all-important task. Now, the line is getting a brand-new addition that's extremely well-timed for the year's warmest season, when obtaining a goddess-like glow from head to toe is a high priority.

On June 17, Goop Beauty introduced its new GOOPGLOW Body Luminizer, the latest product to join the brand's lineup of luminance-increasing, skin-perfecting essentials. And just as the name suggests, this fresh arrival is aimed at extending the glow from your face to the rest of your body in an instant.

Goop Beauty's new lotion, $48 per tube, features a featherweight formula that smooths on effortlessly and soaks into skin in seconds — a necessary trait for efficient summer skin care. It's full of deeply hydrating ingredients like hyaluronic acid and sugarcane-derived squalane, and dewy-skin supporting superfoods including Australian kakadu plum (which is rich in vitamin C) for an instant plumping and moisturizing effect, so your body immediately looks healthy and happy, and stays that way all day long.

But that's not all. This lotion also boasts a dose of light-reflecting mineral pigments that give instant glow to your legs, arms, shoulders, décolletage, and anything else you'll be showing off this summer. The minerals create a subtle, pale gold candlelit-like radiance and have a blurring effect on skin, so it looks smoother and imperfection-free. Long story short, using the GOOPGLOW Body Luminizer is like combining the moisturizing and highlighting steps in your skin care routine into one do-it-all product — meaning you'll be done and out the door faster than before.

Oh by the way, even the new lotion's scent is summer-ready, with subtle aromas of tropical white florals including neroli, orange flower, jasmine sambac, rose, violet leaf, and nectarine. Smooth the sweet-smelling luminizer onto any areas you want to perfume and highlight, especially before heading out to sunset drinks, a romantic date night, or anywhere with light that'll make your dewy skin dazzle. Snag a tube for yourself below, or on Goop Beauty's website.